Why travel to a small town on the Istrian peninsula?

Villas in Poreč have been built for many years, and some are the true heritage of the Istrian peninsula. Imagine how much diversity and imagination is built into every stone of these houses. Some villas in Poreč have been renovated and you will feel there the spirit of the past times, with all the benefits of a 21st century home. From mosaics on the tiles, to carefully landscaped gardens, curtains with interesting patterns, do not be afraid to be different and find the best accommodation for yourself.

The villas in Poreč are also modern architectural buildings. The creation and construction of such architectural wonders, we can thank today to well-known architects and a whole range of professional associates, who build houses at a high level.

Take a step into ancient times

Poreč is a over a thousand years old city. Long before the arrival of the Histrians, an Illyrian tribe, a city was established and it still exists today. If you visit Porec, you will find only the city center located on the peninsula. Dating to the 4th century BC, the remains of a small fishing village and archaeological sites were found to confirm that the local population had their homes there. In the second century BC, Poreč was under Roman rule, as can be seen on the very floor plan of the city and the forum and the streets Decumanus and Cardo Maximus, which are preserved unchanged. The patron saint of the city was Bishop Mavar, who was executed by the Romans. At the site of his torture, Bishop Euphrasius later built a basilica, which has been under UNESCO protection since 1998.

The diversity of the offer and the charm of the city of Poreč can be seen in the legacy of the Austrian, Venetian and French authorities. Interestingly, Poreč had the status of a city since 1250.

A walk through the city of Poreč - almost like a virtual walk into the past with characters from the present

In Poreč you can find a number of sights, such as the aforementioned Euphrasian - Basilica, Romanesque House, Gothic House and Pentagonal Tower, do not miss visiting the site of the remains of Neptune's Temple.

The Romanesque house has been preserved in Poreč since the 13th century and is one of the few examples of residential architecture from that time, an example of former villas in Poreč. It belonged to an entire apartment block, which was destroyed during World War II, and has since functioned as a separate two-storey building. In the Gothic period, many rich families lived in Poreč, and built beautiful houses. It is a fascinating fact that in Poreč there is a Pentagonal tower from ancient times, in the area where used to be a city gate towards the old city center. The largest temple in Istria is the Temple of Neptune, located next to the former Forum. These remains date back to the first century.

If you are already visiting these monuments of history and culture, you can also walk to the Regional Museum of Poreč, where you can find gathered all the findings so far, which have been expertly and scientifically processed and displayed in one place.

Beaches - because the villas in Porec are near the sea

The most famous beaches are Blue and Green Lagoon. These beaches also have concrete, pebble and sandy beaches. You will not only be able to enjoy the view of the endless blue of the Adriatic Sea, about which Croats write poems since forever, these beaches have an option for a range of sports activities and outdoor showers. Find your villas in Poreč near these or other famous beaches and choose a different favourite spot on the beach every day while you take on some of the available sport activities.

Attractions that attract a large number of foreign visitors:

Trips to nature near Poreč - Provide wellness for your body and soul in the nature. No matter which villas in Poreč your loved ones fall in love with, it's easy to explore the surrounding area. Hard-working Istrians have small taverns, which will impress you. They are very approachable and friendly, so you will definitely feel welcome. Visit Grožnjan and Motovun, and the Baredin Cave. There is a funny anecdote about the town of Motovun, according to which it was built by giants. Grožnjan will especially delight art lovers, because of the many cultural events organized in the town. It is also rich in art galleries and studios. Baredina Cave is 132 meters deep, known for its stalactites and stalagmites of unusual shapes. Baredina Cave is a monument of nature.

Fun for the youngest – Children will be will really happy, when they find out that they can visit a large park with life-size dinosaurs with their parents - Dino Park in Funtana. Aquapark Aquacolors, near the Blue Lagoon is another great attraction that will completely delight your children. Aqupark is absolutely full of fun content for real summer refreshment. There are literally slides, pools, sports fields and more.

The Giostra History Festival is as cool as its name implies. This special festival has been around for years and offers a knight race. Theatrical depictions of family life in Poreč in the 17th and 18th centuries will be fun for all who want to find out what life used to be like in that city. If you are a history buff, you will not be able to resist to watch Baroque dances that took place in Poreč in the 18th century.

The Poreč Aquarium offers an opportunity to view over 70 species of fish that can be found in the Adriatic Sea. This beautiful and clean sea is home to amazing sea creatures, which you must experience up close.

Find your villas in Poreč and discover this perfect Istrian town.

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