Vibrant, historic; a magical pearl on the West coast of the Istrian Peninsula, Poreč is all of this and much more. Enjoy the comfort of our luxury villas with pools, strategically located to explore all that Poreč has to offer: historic landmarks, cultural highlights, beaches and other breath-taking natural beauties.

Holiday villas in Poreč to rent: Take a step into ancient times

Renting a villa in Poreč is the perfect holiday solution for those who wish to travel back in time, while also enjoying the gorgeous weather at the beach.

The city of Poreč owes its charm to its diverse heritage, coming from the Austrian, Venetian and French occupations. Poreč is over two thousand years old and the long-standing city was established well before the arrival of the Istrians on the peninsula. It dates back to the 2nd century BC and has earned its rightful place in the UNESCO World Heritage List with the Episcopal Complex of the Euphrasian Basilica.

Why travel to Poreč? The beauty of ancient villas

Among other reasons, the city of Poreč earned its fame for the beauty and cleanliness of its public spaces. We are not the first to build villas in Poreč in order to enjoy its amenities. Some Poreč villas are centuries old. If only those stones could talk!

Other old villas in Poreč were renovated and turned into luxury villas for you to rent. Choose one of these villas to walk through time while bringing the benefits of the 21st century with you. From mosaic tiles to carefully landscaped gardens, what are you waiting for? Book your villa in Poreč today!

Poreč is the perfect holiday destination

Walking through the city of Poreč is almost like taking a step into the past. The town plan betrays its Roman Castrum structure at every corner. In particular, Poreč offers a few gems to architecture lovers: can you spot all the Romanesque houses? And what about the palaces in Venetian Gothic? But that’s not all. When you walk among the streets of Poreč don’t forget to visit:

  • the pentagonal tower,
  • the Euphrasian Basilica,
  • the smallest streets in Europe,
  • the remains of Neptune's Temple in the Roman square.

Beautiful houses in Poreč

The Romanesque houses in Poreč are one of the few examples of residential architecture from the Roman times. Many rich families lived in Poreč in the Venetian Gothic period and built beautiful villas.

Of course, the largest house in Poreč belongs to… a god. The Temple of Neptune is located next to the former Forum and its remains date back to the first century.

If you have had enough of houses and villas in Poreč, you can also take a walk to the Poreč Heritage Museum, located in a baroque palace and spanning several buildings.

Beaches - a villa in Poreč is always near the sea

The most famous beaches near Poreč are located in the blue and green lagoons, aka Bellevue Beach, Delfin Beach and Parentium Beach. While the first lagoon is mainly constituted by stone beaches, the second is a mix of pebble and stone beaches. Both lagoons are washed by crystal-clear waters.

If you are searching for fine white sandy beaches, we recommend:

  • Val Marea Sandy Beach
  • Sandy Beach Lanterna
  • Polidor Beach

You’ll find that the beaches around Poreč are very well equipped, as the Adriatic coastline can count on a well-developed tourist infrastructure, like cocktail and snack bars, but also sport facilities. Here are some of the activities you can count on finding in Croatia:

  • snorkelling,
  • jet skiing,
  • parasailing
  • and a water park!

A journey into nature, a daytrip from Poreč

No matter which villa in Poreč your loved ones fall in love with, you will always be able to easily access the natural beauties that surround the city. Scattered along the coastline you will find small restaurants and rustic taverns ready to welcome you with typical Istrian friendliness.

Ready for a daytrip? Then you might want to visit:

  • Grožnjan,
  • Motovun,
  • and the Baredine Cave!

There is a funny anecdote about the town of Motovun which states that it was built by giants.

Grožnjan is a treat for any art lover, because of the many cultural events the town hosts.

Baredine Cave, with its 132 meters underground, is a monument to nature. Its famous stalactites and stalagmites of unusual shapes really stand out.

Fun for the youngest: Poreč is kids-friendly

Children will be delighted to hear that in Poreč they can visit a large park with life-size dinosaurs: the Dinopark in Funtana. And have you heard of Aquapark Aquacolors? It is an absolute summer thrill for children: a Mediterranean day of pure bliss with slides, pools, sports fields and more!

For lovers of the past, the Giostra History Festival is as cool as its name implies. This special festival has been around for years and offers a knight race. And if you are a history buff, you will not be able to resist this: they organise theatrical depictions of family life in Poreč in the 17th and 18th centuries!

Looking for your ideal villa in Poreč?

We have carefully selected accommodation to offer you a wide selection of Poreč villas with pools or in close proximity to the sea, or other villas that are nothing short of a small enclave of tranquillity hidden away from crowded areas. All our villas come fully equipped for your stay: we provide washing machines, Wi-Fi, air conditioning and more! Enjoy your private pool and the fantastic views of the sea with all modern comforts.

We are sure you will find the perfect holiday villa for you and your family. Choose our villas in Poreč as your temporary home and discover Croatia!

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