Walk with ancient Romans through the city, enjoy the beyond excellent Mediterranean cuisine and breathe in the beauty of Croatian crystal-blue waters in Pula! Choose one of our luxury villas in Pula and experience the perfect holiday escape in Istria today/now. 

Villas in Pula: Stay in an historic city and enjoy its natural amenities 

The city of Pula is the largest city in Istria and a charming destination for all Croatian casual dwellers and lifelong aficionados. Apart from the crystal-clear waters that we all know and love about Croatia, Pula also offers a rich Roman history that will turn your holiday into a walk through history. A vacation in Pula guarantees the perfect mix of entertainment and relaxation for all guests at our villas.

What to do during your stay in a villa in Pula

Time might seem to move a little slower in Croatia, but you won’t struggle to fill your time: there are so many amenities to explore in Pula! Here are a couple of touristic attractions and events you cannot miss out on during your vacation in our villas in Pula.

Visit the Pula Arena

The Arena is the most visited historical landmark in the city and the most famous worldwide. It is one of the best preserved and largest Roman amphitheaters in Europe. It was built around the same time as the Colosseum in Rome, and it’s served many different purposes throughout the centuries. Nowadays, the Arena welcomes tourists from all over the world and it is a beloved destination among many guests of our villas in Pula.

  • Did you know? In 2003, Arena Pula hosted an art installation called Tie around the Arena. With its 808 meters, it entered the Guinness Book of Records as the longest tie in the world. 

Enjoy the Pula Film Festival

One of the most significant events that has regularly taken place in the Pula Arena since 1954 is the Pula Film Festival, the oldest film festival in Croatia, renamed in 2001 as the Festival of Croatian and European Film. The festival runs during the summer months, attracting a large number of both domestic and foreign tourists who all share a passion for Croatian culture. This festival offers its visitors a diverse and unique program, which includes not only local but also international films. 

Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, John Malkovich, Ben Kingsley, Jeremy Irons are just some of the famous movie stars who have visited this festival.

Choose our villas in Pula to be at one with nature 

From many of our villas in Pula, it’s easy to access the nearby conservation areas. The region of Istria is well-known among adventure sports enthusiasts. Every corner unveils a new stunning view and photo opportunity: nothing is as photogenic as the Adriatic Sea!

Take a daytrip to the Brijuni National Park

The Brijuni National Park is the perfect basecamp to explore up to 14 islands in the Adriatic Sea off Croatia’s coastline. The most famous islands are Veliki and Mali and they are easily reached by a pleasant boat ride from Fažana, which is only a few kilometres away from the city of Pula. 

Often referred to as a ‘heaven on Earth’, Brijuni offers many kinds of interesting activities and a stunning ensemble of historical and natural amenities, like the beautiful remains of a Roman villa by the water visible from Verige Bay.

  • Did you know? The Byzantine Castrum in Veliki Brijun has ruins dating back to the Roman and Byzantium Empires as well as footprints of around 200 dinosaurs. 

Explore the adventurous side of Pula

Many of the guests vacationing at our villas in Pula particularly enjoyed the diverse flora and fauna in the island of Veliki Brijun, while others appreciated the opportunity to practise their favourite sport outdoors: golf, tennis, cycling or hiking… which one will you choose? Some of the outdoor activities at your disposal during your stay in a villa in Pula are:

  • snorkelling 
  • scuba diving 
  • hiking 
  • mountain biking
  • canoeing
  • sailing 
  • …and let’s not forget the stunning beaches and bays in the area!

Enjoy the beautiful Croatian coastline

By choosing to stay in a villa in Pula, you’re sure to never be far from the Croatian coastline. Surrounded by breath-taking bays, Pula offers great beaches within walking distance. Here are but a few:

  • Ambrela Beach
  • Verudela Beach 
  • Hawaii Beach 
  • Zlatne Stijene Beach
  • Lighthouse Beach

Ambrela Beach, a pebble beach only 4km away from the city centre, is one of the most famous beaches in Pula and is located on the west side of the Verudela Peninsula. It is awarded with the Blue Flag and is very popular among families with children and people with disabilities. Many of the guests staying at our villas in Pula happily choose this beach for their family vacation. 

On the other hand, Zlatne Stijene Beach is a rocky beach, particularly popular among the younger guests of our villas in Pula. The jagged coastline with its bays and inlets lends this beach the perfect landscape for legendary jumps into the sea. The proximity to restaurants and other catering facilities makes the beach a highlight for night swimmers.

Visit Pula: Villas of all kinds to rent and enjoy

The ancient past of Pula is reflected in its numerous Austro-Hungarian villas, testimony of the city’s past as a war port of the Austrian Empire. These were built in the mid-19th century and are mostly located in Veruda. Some of these old villas were restored to their original glory. 

An exemplary restoration of Pula’s villas is the Wolff mansion owned by the renowned painter George Ritter von Wolf.

Bu that’s not all! Holiday villas in Pula are built nowadays according to the latest 21st century trends. Families with young children, group of friends or business partners can all find what they need for their unique Croatian vacation. In Pula, villas with pool are not hard to come by: rest and relaxation are only a few clicks away.

Don’t miss out. Choose one of our villas in Pula and book your next holiday.

Istria awaits you!

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