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The fishing town of Rovinj sits on the west coast of the Istrian peninsula, looking out to the open Adriatic Sea. Its many islands and picturesque old town with cobbled streets make it the perfect destination for a relaxed city vacation. Our holiday villas in Rovinj add to the experience with their beautiful designs, plush beds and gorgeous views. 

Start your day right with a delicious breakfast on your private terrasse and end it by watching the sun set over the horizon with a glass of local wine. And if you’d rather take a swim in your own backyard than at a public beach, just pick one of our Rovinj villas with a pool.

All our villas come equipped with a state-of-the-art kitchen, but we absolutely recommend that you also step out to enjoy the skills of the local chefs. In a harbor town it’s impossible not to try its selection of seafood. The city is also known from its home-made pasta, a reminiscence of Venetian rule. Other must-try local delicacies are truffles and Istrian pršut, or dried ham. Buy them as souvenirs or turn them into a delicious dinner in your Rovinj villa kitchen.

When is the best time to book holiday villas in Rovinj?

Due to its exceptionally mild climate and favorable weather conditions, Rovinj can be visited throughout the year. Summer is of course the most popular season, with the average max. temperature of 26 degrees and the sea reaching around 23 degrees celsius. 

If you decide to book your holiday villa in Rovinj during the summer months, you will experience the magic of maestral. It is a summer breeze that blows from the sea to the land, keeping the air pleasantly fresh day and night.

What to do outside of your Rovinj villa

Even though you’ll surely be tempted to spend all your time relaxing at your villa, we highly recommend you discover all of what the city has to offer too. Rovinj and its surroundings cater to a variety of tastes: history buffs, city-lovers, sport-enthusiasts and beachgoers will all enjoy their stay in the city.

Enjoy sports in beautiful nature

Rovinj offers multiple opportunities for recreation if you wish to stay active on your holiday. Located at the southern end of the town, the Zlatni rt Forest Park is an ideal place for walking, jogging and biking. There are a lot of bike rentals in Rovinj, as the city can be very easily explored by a bike. Outside of the city you can find many marked bike routes, so the avid bikers should feel right at home. Free climbing enthusiasts can test their skills in the former quarry area with a stunningly beautiful view out to the ocean. 

After a whole day of sports, nothing beats taking a refreshing dip into the sea at one of the many pebbly or rocky beaches surrounding the Zlatni Park. The children (or those who are children at heart) will also certainly want to test the little Aquapark Lone Rovinj, situated in the sea next to the park.

Discover the vibrant city life

Even though our holiday villas in Rovinj are not directly situated in the old town, it’s worth a visit even though it’s a bit further away. The old part of the city is steeped in narrow, stone-paved streets intertwined between colourful stone houses, small squares and piazzas. Climb the tower of the Church of St. Eufemia and enjoy the magnificent view to the Adriatic Sea. 

Artists from all over the world gather in front of the church to let the city inspire them. There is a lot to see for the art-aficionado, as many art galleries full of stunning pieces are situated all around the city. Our villas in Rovinj reflect this artistic tradition of the town both in their appearance and design, which makes them an irresistible choice for a holiday accommodation.

Finally, Rovinj’s large array of restaurants, bars and clubs ensures that the enjoyment of the day can continue well into the night.

Breath in the sea air

There are many beaches around Rovinj, enabling visitors to spend their days basking in the sun during the summer season.  Many of our Rovinj villas are located within a walking distance from magnificent, pristine beaches with clear waters and a refreshing sea breeze. Mostly pebbly and rocky, the beaches are like pralines in a box of chocolates: you will certainly find the perfect one. Some of the famous town beaches which are also ideal for families visiting with children are: 

  • Amarin Beach
  • Borik Beach 
  • Valdaliso Beach 
  • Baluota Beach 
  • Mulini Bach 
  • Škaraba Beach
  • Veštar Beach

You can also hop on a boat and take a trip on one of the islands along the coastline. The St Andrew Island (Otok Sv. Andrija) is the largest island of the Rovinj archipelago, followed by the beautiful St. Catherine's Island (Otok Sv. Katarine). The latter is very well known for its unique vegetation.

Book your luxurious villas in Rovinj with the experts

We at Croatia Luxury Rent want to offer you the holiday of your dreams. Our Rovinj villas are hand-picked by our professionals to make sure the quality is up to our high standards. Your satisfaction is our priority, so when booking villas from us, you can always expect the following:

  • Professional and friendly service
  • Reservations with no hidden costs
  • Best price guarantee 
  • Secure methods of payment

Book your next dream vacation accommodation and join our 30,000 annual guests. With Croatia Luxury Rent you can always expect a wonderful holiday experience.

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