The town of Rovinj in Istria is known for being a city of uniqueness as well as one of the most picturesque towns on the Mediterranean. Extremely charming and peculiarities, this medieval town easily attracts visitors from all over the world who always return to it.

Facts about Rovinj that you may not have known

The town of Rovinj is located on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula. The extremely indented Rovinj archipelago comprises 14 islets and 6 skerries, while the city boasts a 67 km long coastline. The most famous islands of the archipelago are Sv. Andrija (also known as the Red Island) and Sv. Katarina. They are also closest to the old town located on the Rovinj peninsula. The old part of the city is steeped in narrow, stone-paved streets intertwined between colorful stone houses, small squares and piazzas, creating an enchanting maze one does not want to leave.

Villas in Rovinj are not to be found in old part of the town, as it developed in the confined area of ​​the peninsula. However, you will surely enjoy the beauties of the old town core which brings together history and modern way of life. When exploring the old town, do not miss the opportunity to climb the tower of the Church of St. Eufemia to enjoy the magnificent view of the Adriatic Sea. Artists from all over the world gather in front of the church, while art galleries full of stunning pieces can be found all around the city.

Also, once a year, an open-air art exhibition called Grisia, is held in Rovinj. Villas in Rovinj reflect the artistic tradition of the town both in their appearance and design, which makes them an irresistible choice of holiday accommodation.

A city of pleasant climate, beautiful beaches and beautiful nature

Due to its exceptionally mild climate and favorable weather conditions, Rovinj is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the Mediterranean. Due to mild winters and warm summers, a holiday in Rovinj is an ideal option for relaxation from everyday life at any time of the year. While during the winter the sea temperature ranges from 9 to 11 degrees Celsius, in summer the average sea temperature is around 23 degrees. For this reason, it is not surprising that there are swimmers to be found on the beaches of Rovinj all year round.

If you decide to stay in Rovinj during the summer months, you will also experience the magic of maestral, a summer breeze that blows from the sea to the land, bringing refreshment during day and night. The pleasant and mild climate is one of the reasons why the villas in Rovinj are welcomed every year by a large number of guests who come to experience all its benefits.

The beaches of Rovinj, where visitors spend their days basking in the sun during the summer season, form a significant part of the town. Mostly pebbly and rocky, Rovinj beaches are like pralines in a boc of chocolates, everyone will find something for themselves regardless of taste. The beaches of Amarin, Borik, Valdaliso, Baluota, Mulini, Škaraba and the partially sandy Veštar Beach are just some of the famous town beaches, ideal for families with children. Numerous villas in Rovinj are located a walking distance from the magnificent, pristine beaches with clear, sparkling sea. Enjoy your stroll to the beach whilst taking in the beauties of Rovinj.

The Zlatni rt Forest Park, located at the southern end of the town, was declared a protected park in 1961. An ideal place for recreation such swimming, walking, jogging and biking, Zlatni rt abounds in rocky and pebbly beaches. Free climbing enthusiasts can test their skills in the former quarry area surrounded by stunningly beautiful nature.

Tourism and a rich offer of accommodation in Rovinj

From a small fishing town, over time, Rovinj has managed to develop into one of the strongest tourist destinations in Croatia, and is known as the most attractive destination in the Mediterranean. Its impressive offer of quality restaurants, bars and clubs remains unrivaled, and entertainment is not lacking. Tourism has brought on impressive geographical and demographic changes of the town, while greatly influencing the development of other industries.

Rovinj is increasingly turning to luxury tourism and therefore features a large number of five-star hotels such as Hotel Lone and Hotel Monte Mulini, among many others. Apart from hotels, Rovinj counts a growing number of private accommodation units from rooms and apartments to holiday homes and villas in enviable locations, with an impressive offer. Villas in Rovinj are your chance to enjoy the holiday you've always dreamed of. Spend you next vacation in Rovinj, breathe in the refreshing sea air that heals body and soul, visit countless town galleries and take part in numerous cultural events, festivals and concerts of world-renowned artists held here!

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