Vodice are located in the Šibenik - Knin county. This place is known as one of the most visited tourist cities and it is the most famous tourist resort of the middle Adriatic. Today, there are 10000 inhabitants. All in all, what a great location for stunningly beautiful and architecturally designed villas in Vodice.

Get to know the history of Vodice

Vodice got their name because of the large amount of drinking water in the vicinity. Vodice had its first inhabitants in ancient times, and the town was called Araus. Choose villas in Vodice and find out why this area has been so attractive since ancient times.

In the 15th century, the Venetians began to rule Vodice. The settlement began to expand in the 16th century when, because of the intense wars between Venice and the Ottomans (Turks), people moved to Vodice, because they were surrounded by towers and defensive walls.

Inside the walls, there were also several sources of drinking water. To this day, two wells have been preserved, one was used for drinking water and the other for laundry and housekeeping.

From the 17th century, the Čorić tower, preserved by the rich Sibenik's Fondra family, remained preserved. It is built of famous Brač stone. Today it is not possible to walk into the tower due to the dilapidated condition, but it is possible to visit the courtyard where cinema shows are organised in the summer.

In the 19th century, the first school opened in Vodice, a reading room, and Vodice became an independent municipality and played an important role as a port center.

All historical sites are not far from the villas in Vodice

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church - Crkva Gospe od Karmela

On Mount Okit, the Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel was built, which is also provides a beautiful vista. The church was built at the own expense by Vodice expatriates from Australia. The church was demolished twice, once in World War II after being rebuilt in just 2 months, when the locals carried all the material on their backs to the top of a 135-meter high hill.

The church was demolished for the second time in the Homeland War, and an architect from Zadar Nikola Bašić contributed its rebuilding.

St. Cross Parish Church - Župna crkva sv. Križa

The Parish church sv. Križa was built by the famous Baroque master Ivan Skok. This Parish church is the central church in Vodice and was built on the foundations of an older church from the 18th century.


All villas in Vodice are on the attractive locations, from which you can easily reach whichever beach you prefer. Be prepared to visit long sandy and pebble beaches and visit famous ones such as Blue Beach, Hanger and Imperial Beach. The Blue Beach has the Blue Flag, which is an international environmental recognition and stands out for its cleanliness and tidiness in the midst of the peak tourist season.

Velika Mrdakovica

Many compare Velika Mrdakovica with Arauzon about which Pinije wrote in his travel books. This place boasts of the most valuable findings in the entire Roman Empire, which is glass-colored utensils. This place is a proof that the Liburno-Roman settlements dating back to the 4th century BC were there.

Aquarium and Museum of Maritime Tradition

Here you can find models of traditional Croatian and Mediterranean vessels, fishing tools, diving equipment from the island of Krapanj, which is also known for its tradition of sponge fishing, archeological objects that are from the 3rd century BC, different types of fish and crustaceans.

The numerous events in Vodice are already internationally known and there are definitely enough fun activities for everyone. Villas in Vodice should be booked during the following events: Moto Meetings, Easter Breakfast, Easter Regatta, Prizba Historical and Cycling Race.

CMC Festival-Croatian Music Channel

The CMC Festival is a large festival of local and pop music, traditionally held in Vodice. Each year in June, numerous singers from the Croatian music scene perform.

Clubs in Vodice

You should rent the villas in Vodice, if you want to have a great night clubbing. Vodice offer rich nightlife, numerous cafes and clubs, and one of them stands out. Hacienda is a well-known place located two kilometres from the city centre.

It can accommodate 2,000 visitors, it has got Mexican-style highlights, dance floor terraces and guest appearances by renowned DJs such as David Guetta. Also nearby are Opium and Makina Exit clubs. Find your villas in Vodice and enjoy a great summer time.

Vodice Festival - a special attraction

The Vodice Festival is certainly one of the craziest events in Vodice. Vodice Festival is held on August 4th. As the part of the event there are concerts, movie screenings, choirs and midnight fireworks.

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