Croatian Islands are the real summer stars, and the island of Mljet is one of the brightest! Visit this fairy-tale island whose beauty is breathtaking! 

Mljet is the greenest, and the most mysterious Croatian island. You can hear his name in many ancient legends, and some historians believe that Mljet is one of the places from Odysseus travels. What attracted Odysseus to Mljet is still attracting everyone who approaches near by.  The beauty of Mljet is magnetic. Nowhere else on the Adriatic coast you will have the opportunity to be on an island with so many different plant and animal species and natural diversity. This is an ideal destination for nature lovers, adventurers, those who want to spend their holidays actively and on the move. There are several sources of drinking water, and the sea around its coast is warmer and saltier than in the northern Adriatic. Because of its distance from the mainland Mljet is poorly populated, explored, and altered by human activity, therefore it is one of the few Mediterranean islands that has managed to preserve its authenticity. Its indented coastline is full of natural bays, caves and ridges designed exclusively by  sea waves, currents and winds. Mljet played an important role in the lives of maritime nations. His naturally protected harbors were used by the Illyrians for 2000 years BC. Cr, then by the ancient Greeks, Romans, as evidenced by numerous archaeological remains.

Fans of diving and those who have yet to become, on the island of Mljet can explore one of the most specific and the most beautiful underwater world in which they will often encounter and shipwrecks, amphorae and other objects from the ancient times. While the Greeks left their traces in the sea, numerous Roman ruins scattered throughout the island talk about Mljet's importance. There was built the third largest Roman's palace on the Adriatic, numerous basilicas, spa arsenals… It is interesting that by 1960, half of the island of Mljet was declared as a national park. The most visited attraction of the park is a Benedictine monastery located on the island of St. Mary in the Great Lake. You can explore it by bike, hiking, walking kilometers of hiking trails, driving the canoe along the beautiful coast and going into every cave. Mljet is paid great attention to the environment, however, so your vacation can be turned into one of ecological action.

Mljet has over 2500 sunny hours per year, so it is a guarantee of  beautiful weather during your holiday and summer heat is on Mljet bearable because of the thick pine forests. An island is located not far from the Peljesac peninsula, Dubrovnik and the island of Korcula, so you can use it to visit this world famous tourist destination. The whole island is an attraction in itself, therein lies the several settlements where people live year-round. Accommodation on the island of Mljet will delight everyone. Mediterranean architecture blended into the untouched nature, view of the nearby Peljesac and Korcula, sea and beach as well as from film sets, smells and colors of nature that you will not experience anywhere else in the world, guarantee a unique and unrepeatable holiday. Mljet is an ideal destination for those who want to spend a quiet and relaxing holiday, but at the same time have all the luxury, comfort, privacy and enough content that will fill the day. Mljet is ideal for family, romantic or adventurous vacation. Rent one of Mljet villas and enjoy the modern paradise on a paradise island!