An unparalleled region with luxury villas, small towns, villages, and people with a lot of stories to tell - and the food, you just must try the food. 

Let us begin with a story: In the middle of nowhere there is a house – sounds like the beginning of a fairy tale. Yes, it does, but not the one you used to listen to when you were a child. Dalmatian inland is a fairy-tale-like place, an area filled with an otherworldly feeling. With mornings enveloped in fog and slow approaching dusk, this is the place in which you will find all that you desire.

Visit Dalmatia and explore its inland and have a wonderful time surrounded by the region’s autochthonous flora and fauna. With olive groves and vineyards in abundance, let us just say you will want for nothing.

How about some vineyards and how about a luxury villa sitting in the middle of the vineyard just waiting for someone to appreciate its charms? That someone could be you, if the inland region is to your liking, be sure to visit the one and only – Dalmatia.

Some of the luxury villas in Dalmatia happen to have completely enclosed grounds that give you the utmost privacy. Not only you will have your complete privacy, but you will also have the most magnificent views of the fields, groves, and this beautiful region.

Just imagine those panoramic views which will leave you with a mental image that will last forever and ever.

Imagine being able to pick your figs or grapes for your midday snack or learn some new skill from the local farmers. Small cosy towns and villages are filled with people who have lived here all their lives, maybe they work in a big town near, but they are happy where they are and are not planning to leave - ever. And that says much about rural Dalmatia as the heart of the country, where people are a close-knitted community whenever help is needed. Also, they will leave you be if solitude is what you desire.

What is so special about Dalmatian inland? Where to start…. Not only the selection of extraordinary luxury villas with unique designs and wonderful gardens with heated pools is so big you will not know where to choose from. But the area itself is vast and not crowded so your villa vacation will be as peaceful s you wish.

There are a lot of lands and a lot of fields and pastures and mountains and hills and small towns and rivers and beautiful scenery and wild animals and vineyards and olive groves and - we got lost naming all of the wonderful things. People who like Dalmatia even in the smallest amount soon enough become to love it a great deal. Dalmatia and its inland are truly like that – absolutely divine place that will soon get under your skin and into your heart in the most wonderful way possible.

The food of the area will overwhelm even the biggest gourmets as all made locally is made with love and original ingredients. Oil made fresh from olives just picked from the trees, as well as all kinds of wine for you to taste and enjoy. If interested, there are a lot of places where you can go and try some of the local specialties and even observe their making or even participate in the process.

Dalmatia will surprise you over and again, any time and any place you visit, and the inland is no different. True magic happens here by the people who love this piece of land and have lived on if and from it for centuries, and you also can be a big part of this experience.