If this June you are spending holidays in Biograd, prepare yourself for a real gastronomic treat.

Biograd na Moru (Biograd on the sea) is the official name of Biograd, a small town at the heart of the Adriatic. Its location is approximately in the middle of the east Adriatic coast so it is no wonder that the town branded itself as the heart, or the center, of this beautiful region. Known for its long tradition as a tourist destination with excellent accommodation offer of hotels and private rentals, Biograd is always striving to provide various interesting events and entertainment, this year being no exception.

If your accommodation booking takes place at the end of this month, then you'll be pleased to know that apart from enjoying your fine apartment or luxury villa with a view or swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea, you will also have the opportunity to treat yourself with the finest dishes and wines of Biograd and its surroundings. End of June is regularly reserved for gastro manifestation Biograd table, which has a new look, scope and name this year: Gastro Biograd.

This entertaining event that brings together the best of Croatian cuisine, local food products, delicacies, folklore and unique souvenirs and provides its visitors with unforgettable experience of wining and dining. And apart form tasting delicious dishes and beverages, there are also concerts and chef duels and many more fun and interesting events. This year the manifestation will be held from 22 to 24th of June at the location of Biograd promenade and Illiria Hotel complex in the centre of Biograd and it will offer cuisine from different regions in Croatia, expanding from local to national event.

The opening event will take place on June 22nd: a chef duel between two famous Croatian chefs, Branko Ognjenović and David Skoko will be held, followed by Mladen Grdović concert. This year the visitors will be able to purchase (online and at several locations in Biograd) the so-called Gastro passport that will enable them to taste and consume different dishes and beverages during the manifestation, without having to pay individually for each tasting etc. Saturday 23rd will be all about local wine and cheese, with a light and fire spectacle in the evening that will surely leave you breathless. The show is then followed by Ivan Zak concert. Sunday will be a bit more relaxed with organized fair of food and various Croatian products.

What is also great about this show is that the participants are coming from various parts of Croatia (from both coastal and continental regions) which is a great opportunity to learn more about the entire Croatia, its cuisine and tradition, while staying in Biograd. Therefore, you will be able to taste famous Slavonia kulen or take a sip of Istrian Malvasia without having to set a foot outside a Dalmatian town.

So if you find yourself staying in Biograd or a place nearby this weekend in June, be sure not to miss this festival of food, wine and local products and have a bit of fun with the merry crowd of locals and tourists.