If there is a list of the most picturesque and coolest places in the world, Skradin would surely find it at its top. Spend the summer in a luxurious villa in a place where the river and the sea connects.

Archaeological remains over six thousand years old, only confirm the fact that people have recognized the potential of this place ever since. Although there are about 500 people living in Skradin, 2000 years of old city culture has been preserved. Its inhabitants jealously guarding their heritage. In the 14th century this tiny little town played an important historical role because it was the capital of Croatia and Bosnia. Skradin is situated on the right bank of the river Krka and is less than 20 kilometers away from Sibenik. There is the famous ACI's marina, which is often visited by glorious people, as well as the entrance to the National Park of Krk, where you will be amazed at the beauty of Skradinski bukRoški slap, and the Franciscan monastery Visovac located on a small islet.

Skradin is a romantic Mediterranean town that you will immediately fall in love with. Walking through its narrow paved streets, passages, vamps, scales, and colorful façade houses will be a real eye-catcher. Interesting is the fact that the entire city core is a protected cultural monument, while most houses were built in the 18th and 19th centuries under the influence of the Venetian style. In such an ambience is a luxurious villa where you can stay while you are in the magical Skradin.

The villa is a true blend of modern and traditional architecture, equipped with all necessary appliances, spacious rooms, a terrace with beautiful views and a private pool. Stay in such an environment will make your vacation complete. You can swim in the swimming pool and swim in the well-kept beach town where the river and sea water are mixed and you will experience the refreshment in the true sense of the word. You can also go for a walk through the city center and the rich gastronomic offer of local restaurants. Be sure to visit the Bribirs head, the archeological site known as Croat Troy. There you will see ancient sarcophagi, cisterns and "ceramic coolers", Liburn and ancient walls of two-meter thick, remains of sacral buildings, a rich collection of exhibits from prehistoric times to the late Middle Ages. The view from this place is beautiful. When is nice  weather  you can even see the distant island of Vis. In the locality of Maraguša there are the mausoleums of Roman noblemen from the 1st and 2nd century, and the famous Rokovača cove, where once the Roman arch was.

In just 15 minutes drive there is the beautiful Sibenik which will also leave you breathless as well as the whole nature of the area. In Skradin and its surroundings, you will also eat excellent. The main delicacies are Dalmatian prosciutto, eel floss, skradin risotto, lamb and bread under the bake, and drink the local Bibichev debit, and roses or jams. You must try a skradin cake made from traditional walnut, almond and honey recipe. So this is the destination for romance, for those in love with history and natural beauty. This is the place for those who are always looking for more of vacations, as well as accommodation. The Villa in Skradin is a luxurious oasis where you will spend days filled with complete hedonism and evenings enjoying a spacious terrace with top-quality local wine and the sounds of the klapa singing that come from vibrant and picturesque Skradin's streets. Book on time and relax in the heart of the unique natural and historical place - Skradin.