Spend the summer on a picturesque peninsula surrounded by crystal clear waters and natural beaches, and stay in one of the luxury villas in Privlaka.

Privlaka is one of the most famous tourist resorts in the immediate vicinity of Zadar and offers you the perfect escape from the busy everyday life. The place is known for its clean sea, natural beaches surrounded by pine forests and rich sports facilities where the whole family can enjoy it. Due to its excellent location, your summer vacation in Privlaka can be filled with numerous excursions to nearby national parks, nature parks, surrounding islands or larger towns. What Privlaka makes unique is traditional way of fishing as well as the Sabunaries, people who have developed a special skill to extract sand from the sea. Thanks to them, some of the most impressive Zadar buildings were built, as well as some other Dalmatian towns.

The whole place is surrounded by a beautiful promenade where you can enjoy the magical sunset and the fresh air. There are two famous tourist resorts: Sabunike and Škrapavac. Both are located by the sea, have a rich tourist offer, beautiful long sandy beaches where children will enjoy just like you if you decide to try sailing, diving and other activities. Sandy beaches Sabunika is a true wind surf paradise because of the wind blowing from Velebit.  This is a place where you will find a escape of noise and in other heand you can find it in Zadar, Nin, Vir and other major cities. There you can enjoy many bars, restaurants, festivals, concerts, exhibitions and local events.

Accommodation in a luxurious villa that is located next to a sandy beach is difficult to describe. This is the hedonism you need to experience. In it you will have all the luxury, comfort, spaciousness, privacy, private parking, Internet, air-conditioned rooms, top-equipped outdoor and indoor kitchens, garden terrace and private swimming pool. An ideal climate with dry summers and wind that constantly blows will make this stay even more beautiful. In Privlaka you will rest in the true sense of the word. Only the place has enough content to not even have to fire the car and go somewhere. Some of the more celebrated events are the Night of the fishermen and sabunjara, a true feast for all the senses, with which you will enjoy the song, dance, excellent food and exhibition, all about Sabunjar.

For all romantic souls there is an open-air cinema, and adrenaline addicts and sports can be tried in a number of sports competitions: from mini-tournaments, beach volleyballs, fishing, basketball, chess and local games. You can also visit the beauty of this place by driving a bike for 21 km of scenic trails ideal for mountain biking. If you want to learn to sail on windsurfing or sailing - kitesurfing, then you are in the right place. For lovers of history in the place there are several sacred objects of valuable admiration. These are the remnants of the church of Sv. Kate from the 14th century and the church of Sv.Vida 14th Century Vision, patron of pharmacists, dancers and actors, as well as the Church of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary from the 19th century. which is among the most beautiful examples of classical architecture in Dalmatia. There are also interesting water wells, 12 are preserved, and one of them lacks the famous legacy that we will leave you as a research task. Enjoy the Privlaka and the luxury villa that will make your stay in this place even more special.