Pula may not be the most popular tourist destination in Istria, but this biggest Istrian town has a growing holiday reputation with plenty to see and do.

Istria is a peninsula with scattered small towns and villages, a place with lush Mediterranean vegetation spreading on gentle slopes of its hills in the central, and bordering the waterfront on its coastal part but this region also has its urban areas as well. Although the Istria County centre is Pazin, a town situated in the very middle of Istria, the biggest Istrian town is Pula, located on the coast in the south part of peninsula.

While Pazin is an administrative centre of Istria, Pula is its economic one, with successful Uljanik shipyard and it is a real urban location that is lively all your round, not just during tourist season. The economic aspect of the town in the past meant that tourist development was something associated with other parts of Istria, and Pula never participated much, at least not compared to other towns that were popular tourist destinations. Nevertheless, things have started to change. While Pula has always had its attractions that made it interesting to visit while travelling: Arena, the only remaining Roman amphitheatre to have four side towers and with all three Roman architectural orders entirely preserved, and other Roman monuments, its holiday accommodation offer has also started to bloom.

Many people have decided to engage in rental activities and turned their old houses into exclusive villas with an outdoor pool or furnished comfortable apartments with fully equipped kitchens which means that finding excellent rentals in Pula is now easier than ever. And one does not have to limit itself to just the town centre, near Pula there are also many locations with holiday rentals for those who do not wish to actually be in the town all the time but wish to be near so they can pop by when they like and still enjoy peace and quiet. Of course, rentals in Pula include wide range from small charming studios in the centre and larger apartments on the outskirts so even in the town itself it is not hard to find accommodation that will visit specific wishes and needs so whether it's a villa or a room you're looking for, Pula has it all.

What makes Pula great as a holiday destination is that it has all the city life bustle and facilities, yet beaches and unspoilt nature are just a walk or a short ride away. In the near vicinity of Pula there are numerous beautiful beaches and coves that are ideal for enjoying sun and the sea, and many of them host various events such as music festivals so one will most definitely get bored while staying. Brijuni National Park is near as well, and one only needs to get to Fažana which is a small town a few miles away, and take a boat ride to Brijuni as this archipelago is right in front of the town. Former Yugoslav president Tito used it as his official summer residence, and today visitors can see his beautiful villa, a zoo, visit the archaeological remains and enjoy the breathtaking nature of Brijuni islands.

Because of its rich history, beautiful surroundings and excellent holiday rentals, Pula is certainly a place in Croatia that is going to gain more in importance and popularity in future so don't hesitate to choose it for your next vacation destination.