The Island of Mljet with its National park is one of the most beautiful parts of Croatia made to be explored and enjoyed. 

Filled with wildlife and an abundance of all things green National park Mljet is the oldest marine protected area in Europe. Celebrating its 60 years of existence the park is a true testament of all that nature is capable of and how nature persists no matter the conditions. Situated on the island of the same name, the national park is of the greenest parks there is. The Island of Mljet is one of the southern islands in the Croatian Mediterranean. The thing that makes South Dalmatia so special is its climate with mild winters and a long period of spring and summer. Surely given for flora and fauna to thrive.

National park Mljet has some of the most precious plants on its protected list, and some of them are quite endemic. Mljet is also the home place of numerous protected animals living freely in the area sure of its protected habitat. No matter how small Croatia may seem small compared to the other countries in size, but it’s filled with National and Nature Parks. 8 National parks and 11 Parks of nature speak volumes about the beauty and uniqueness of this country.

When visiting the island and the national park keep in mind that you are one with nature and to be respectful. Nature and wildlife live here in a symbiotic way and we are here only as observers. We are here to testify to all that nature is – glorious and monumental.

Mljet, covered in kilometres of forest, is a place where you will find your peace while walking around. A kind of peace you can find while walking amongst the shade of the century-old trees while listening to the songs of the rare birds. Almost 90% of the island area is covered with trees and bushes – with all the native vegetation you can think of. Can you imagine with what wonderful scent these trees and plants fill the air?

The things that make Mljet so special are its two lakes – Great and Small lake.

The Great lake is called a lake, but it merges with the sea by the way of a long canal.

Due to the actual distance the lake surface has from the sea, Great lake is titled with the name lake and not a bay. A lake in its true form, nevertheless. The Small lake is connected to the Great lake also with a shallow long canal.

A wonderful place to visit is situated in the Great lake and that is the Benedictine monastery on the Isle of St. Mary. This small island has a monastery that dates to the 12th Century and it is one of the most peculiar sights to be seen.

Perfectly maintained the island of Mljet with its National park and small towns with Dalmatian charm are the places to put on your bucket list. Small historical towns with stone houses are surrounded by beautiful nature and a clean blue sea. There are also a lot of activities to do on the island while exploring and whatever you choose you will have fun for sure.