Mesmerizing Istrian Riviera with its charming towns will for sure make your new and amazing holiday location. 

Istrian Riviera is an amazing destination as each and every town no matter how big or small is overflowing with history and culture. Just imagine having a relaxing vacation in a town so old the Romans built it. Sounds like a movie scene truth be told, but it is the truth, nevertheless. Brimming with the most interesting facts Istrian Riviera is one of the most peculiar places to visit. A long time ago some of the Istrian towns have actually been on small islands such as was the need in the old days, for trade and fishing. And so little by little the need came for those towns to expand on the mainland and they have done it extraordinarily by making the small island a peninsula. Just imagine the planning and construction that had to be done, without the modern equipment. A truly magnificent fact.

But riviera is also known by its beauty which is unsurpassed and enchanting as the Istrian peninsula itself.

Numerous islands surround the coast, inviting you to explore. And explore is not all you can do. Enjoy the sun, the sea, and go fishing as that would be the best way to truly experience these parts. Rent a boat or a yacht and make the best out of what the coast has to offer.

There is nothing more beautiful than the Adriatic Sea as its transparency and cleanness is known far and wide. But the main thing that is the most important on the Adriatic coast is the number of beaches, coves, and bays if it has in store for you. Nowhere else you will see such unique swimming and sunbathing spots. Sandy beaches or smooth pebbled ones are an excellent spot for you to have a nap and to read a good book while working on your tan. Or just resting in the shade of the pine trees listening to the sounds and smells of the glorious Istrian nature. Whatever kind of beach your heart desires, Istrian riviera has it.

Explore the riviera also by snorkeling and visit the sea world which will surprise you by its diversity and opulence. In the clear and clean sea, it is easy to see all kinds of fish and sea life as Istria as well the whole Croatian coast takes care of its sea and beaches. Sea is life and this proverb is important here as well as anywhere else where people live from the sea and by the sea.

Some places are irrevocably special and Istrian riviera is one of them. Your vacation in Istria will never again be compared to any other. Be sure to take the best advantage of the vacation you will have here and rent a luxury villa for you and your family or friends. As the Istrian Riviera offers you all the best possible villas imaginable, so will your vacation be enriched with all the most beautiful things.

The most beautiful part of Croatia by all standards, rich in history and in nature, diverse and unique, Istrian Riviera is a place where you will feel welcome and safe.