The wondrous islands of the Kornati archipelago will leave you feeling in awe of the magnificence of nature and the sheer persistence of men. 

Have you ever wondered why all these wonders of nature actually exist? You could easily read or hear a story about them anywhere. But most important thing is to experience all the magnificence that nature is capable of. You must see it and feel it. Because those are the kind of things that will last you a lifetime.

We will start with the facts but soon we will end up having all kinds of irrevocable feelings to describe Kornati. Kornati are like that - almost bare and stone covered islands have magic as no other place has. There are rare places on this Earth that look otherworldly and Kornati archipelago is one of them for sure. Croatia has many national parks one more beautiful and special than the other, but Kornati are the marine crown jewel. The rugged coastline with its group of islands is one of a kind in the area as the Adriatic Sea is truly unique with its coast and islands in various shapes and sizes. With its rich marine ecosystem, these parts are made indeed to be explored and experienced. Either way you choose to explore and visit the National park of Kornati be sure to take your time and book a daily boat trip. Or even spend several days in the area because more time you spend here more you will fall in love with it for sure.

Kornati archipelago contains 150 islands and covers around 320 km2 of land. The National park has some less than that, but also an astounding number of 89 islands, some smaller and some quite larger. Fun fact about the islands that they are completely in private ownership.

Vegetation on the island is scarce and the moonlike landscape is one of the things you will associate Kornati with. A long time ago it was covered with forest, but time took its toll and the man needed wood for construction. Nevertheless, nature always prevails and all around you can see native shrubbery and bushes. Not very big but quite presentable.

What makes these islands unique are the man-made stone drywalls that on some islands cover the surface almost completely. They were made for people to know the borders of their properties but mainly to avoid their sheep to trespass on somebody else’s land.

The only way to arrive and experience the archipelago and the park is by boat, and make sure you are prepared enough to sail and be amazed. From wherever you go and whichever way you choose to see first National park Kornati will show off all its glory in every single detail.

Your closest starting points are Zadar and Šibenik and the island of Murter. From there surely you will be able to book a trip or boat with a skipper. Daily excursions are the most fun ways to spend the day leisurely enjoying all that the archipelago has to offer. If your choice is hiking or walking and exploring nature or swimming in the crystal blue sea, make sure you have company because you will want to share this experience with the ones you love.

If renting a private boat or sailboat take advantage of it to the fullest. There is no better way to make the most of your vacation than exploring the magnificent beauty of this part of the Dalmatian coast.

Be sure to visit Zadar also as it is one of the most developed towns in the area which preserved its true historical essence. Šibenik is one of the oldest Croatian towns filled with history and a special charm that only Mediterranean coastal towns have. There are a lot of things to say about Murter, but one is for sure – you will be amazed by the nature that coexists perfectly with the modern way of life. Islands close to the coast always have this special bond with the mainland but also the feeling of seclusion and peace, you must experience for yourself to understand it completely.