Rent a villa in Brela, place that officially has the most beautiful beach in Europe!

Luxury accommodation in Brela is ideal choise for a family vacation or an unforgettable time with your favorite people! Makarska Riviera is a destination for all those who know what a good vacation means. On the stretch of 53 km along the sea dotted with picturesque villages, hidden coves, beautiful beaches, vineyards, olive groves and centuries-old pine forest are situated Brela, place for decades is known as one of the most beautiful destinations in the Adriatic. Shortly, it's Dalmatian piece of paradise. Brela are consists of several villages located along the coast and on the slopes of the Biokovo mountine. This area has been inhabited since the earliest times, that is evidenced by the many ruins. So amphorae, from the 2nd century BC,  found in the sea proving that Brela were very imortant place for Romans trade with wine and oil. Brela are interesting for religious buildings, numerous churches and chapels. The most famous is the church of St. StephenUpper Brela is located within the Nature park Biokovo - mountain that fascinates with its beauty. Biokovo is beautiful nature phenomenon. Walk hiking trails of Biokovo is experience that will you long talk about. Ridges, valleys, aromatic plants, indigenous Dalmatian Black Pine trees will leave you breathless.

In Brela sea and stunning mountain are connected. This is perhaps one of the few places from which the view of the sea is magical as the view of the mountains. And why not to watch on those wonders from the infinite private swimming pool which is located within the luxury villa that will fulfill all what you expect from a quality vacation. Each step of such an environment has a feeling of luxury, comfort, privacy and everything you have need will be at your fingertips. Spacious rooms with private toilets, terraces fairytale views, sophisticated and modern kitchen, comfortable living room and a private parking are just some of the parts of this luxury villa. Although Brela are widely known for the beauty of its beaches and coves, the feeling of swimming in the private pool at the foot of Biokovo own has its charms. Especially if the story season with good company and great Dalmatian wine.

Getting back to the beaches, specifically Punta rata beach which ranked high sixth place in the Forbes ranking of 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. On this beach there and the famous rock is now used as the official symbol of Brela. If you enjoy for a little more private bathing, Brela is known for its small intimate coves and the whitest pebble beaches on the Adriatic. Besides swimming can be romantic and walk arranged coastal promenade running alongside the beach of Punta war. Brela advantage is that in a single day you can enjoy sunbathing, swimming and the shade of thick pine forests, but also hiking tours. The whole area is ideal for extreme water sports, rock climbing, jumping in the air, and enjoy rafting on the magnificent river Cetina. In the village there are numerous restaurants and cafes where you can feel at home, but also to taste some of the finest Dalmatian dishes and wines. In the immediate vicinity of Makarska, and not OmišSplit and Trogir not far therefore Brela excellent place from which you can start exploring Dalmatia. While Makarska offers a boisterous night life, we'll understand if you rather decide to stay at your vila, in privacy enjoying infinity pool! Book luxury accommodation today!