National park Northern Velebit is a place for an incredible adventure. 

The Velebit mountain is here to remind us how magnificent nature can be and how special we can feel by being a part of it.

There were times when life on the mountain was hard and people of the area had to coexist with nature any way they could. Form either side of the Velebit there is historical evidence of how the men actually lived and thrived and the most important thing became to maintain these memories of the day s of old in the best possible way. Velebit is still a place of the men’s source of life and income as the mountain will always provide to the ones who cherish it.

National park Northern Velebit is an area of the Velebit mountain covering about 109 square kilometers of the northern part of the mountain. The whole mountain range is a Nature park and Velebit has another National park named Paklenica. And these facts speak enough for themselves.

Nature and a mountain that provided and nurtured generations of people of the area are still in almost pristine condition, preserved and maintained with perfection. The mountain was here long before we arrived and will be a long time after we are gone. We have to care for it as it cared for us.

The national park has a lot of the protected species for you to enjoy, flora and fauna likewise. Keep in mind that Velebit is also a perfect location for all kinds of adventures. Hiking is implied, of course as the mountain’s wonderful peaks are made to be explored by professional hikers same as the recreational ones. Peaks of the Velebit massif are truly appreciated and explored as they offer you a wonderful hiking experience up to over 1700 m high. It is a wonderful climb to the top with an unsurpassed view from above. A true accomplishment for anyone. Even the light walk around the mountains lower trails will fill you with a sense of achievement and peace as the National park Northern Velebit is a magnificent place that will bring you much-desired peace and serenity.

Velebit Botanical Garden located on an altitude of 1480 meters not only that is a leading point to some of the mountain trails, but it is home to various plant species. Some of them are well known and endemic such as Velebit degenia or Velebit pink. The best part of the year for you to take a stroll through the botanical garden is late spring or summer when you can see all the plants and flowers in their true glory - blossoming and filling the crisp mountain air with their scent.

Accommodations in National park are scarce but if you are willing to stay for a few days there are some mountain huts you can sleep in. the surrounding area and the towns surrounding the mountain also offer a really good selection of apartments, hotels, and such. If you decide to visit Velebit we do recommend that you choose to visit for longer than just a few hours excursion.

The beauty and biodiversity of the National park are sure to make some lifetime memories as the nature of the park is magnificent and unique.