Staying in one of the luxury villas on the island of Pag might seem so unreal that you feel like you are on the moon! Book a luxurious space vacation time! 

The surface of the island Pag is irresistibly reminiscent of the Moon surface. Yes, you read it right! It is no surprise that on Pag were filmed some of the most famous film scenes with space topics. However, Pag has a different, less cruel face. The southern part of the island is covered by a thick and tall reeds, it looks like a jungle, while other parts of the island of rich vegetation and pine forests. Pag is both gentle and charming and very funny! Entertainment on the island of Pag during the summer never ends. Novalja, place on Pag, is one of the most popular party destinations in Europe. On stage Zrce beach you can see some of the most famous names from the world of electronic music. 

Pag is besides the good entertainment in the world famous for salt, so Pag's salt can be found in the food back in China, Australia and elsewhere. Addition of salts island is known for cheese production which is protected by UNESCO as a genuine product. It is interesting to note that the real cheeses are exclusively from the milk of sheep which graze on Pag. The grass is very salty and among the grass are hiding and numerous herbs that gives milk a specific smell. But inhabitants are most proud on Pag's lace. Lace-making has a centuries old tradition and dates back to the 15th century. We are sure that you will return home with at least one piece of cloth made by this unique skill. 

Although Pag is known in the world because of authentic products, most of the islands is still untouched  by mass tourism, and that means only one thing - Pag is the perfect place for a quiet, but active holiday. In one of the luxury villas on the island of Pag will be pure pleasure for the whole family and friends. The point of group vacations is that they it has pleased and relay everyone. The memories will be even more beautiful because of the luxurious accommodation in one of the villas. 

Villas on the island of Pag are equipped with most modern and functional furniture. The rooms are spacious, with different capacities, fully equipped, with indescribable views of the sea and the island, have a private parking, as well as complete privacy in general. Staying in such a villa will be relaxin just like on a vacation should be. If you decide to visit Pag, one of the most diverse islands in the Adriatic, be prepared for many surprises because Pag diverse both, on land and under the sea. Explore all its natural diversity. Enjoy superb cuisine, peace and quiet hidden coves or have fun until the morning on the biggest party in the Adriatic. A crown of your vacation will be accommodation that meets all your needs. For just an hour drive you can find yourself in one of the most famous National parks, or in ZadarNin and the surrounding islands. Pag is definitely the most diverse island destinations on the Adriatic! Book your luxury accommodations and enjoy your holiday with a taste of salt!