There is a special reason why movie makers chose Vis as their destination, this beauty of an island brimming with untouched nature. 

Imagine yourself sipping wine while enjoying the view to the open sea on a terrace of an exquisite luxury villa on an island that seems almost undiscovered. This sounds like a pretty good utopia but all of this can be made possible on Vis as it is a perfect holiday destination if you want to have peace and privacy. A luxury villa with a sea view is the best place to have a great family vacation for sure.

The Croatian Mediterranean is wonderful and full of curiosities and sights to be seen, but its islands are a special kind of place you must visit. We would gladly recommend a tour around all the Croatian islands but if that is not in your plan visit Vis and find out why this island is so special. Vis is an island that has a long and fulfilled history as much as any town in Dalmatia but what makes it so special is its seclusion and distance from the shore. By choosing Vis as your next traveling destination your trip will most definitely be a one of a kind. As the most prominent island of the Croatian part of the Adriatic coast, it is quite well connected to the mainland as other big islands are close to Vis.

Some of the things that will overwhelm you on the island are that here you will have a total enclosure in the tranquillity and the atmosphere of the island. Peaceful and almost unreal, Vis is remarkable proof that luxury can be found even in the most unexpected places.

If you choose Vis for your destination a luxury villa is a great location to have the most relaxing and remarkable vacation ever. Amazing vistas all around and perfectly maintained gardens with autochthone vegetation will make sure you are enjoying your peace and quiet to the fullest. It seems that the sun shines a bit brighter here and basking by the pool will completely immerse you in the sounds and smells of the area.

Your luxury villa will most definitely be an oasis with a magnificent pool overlooking the great expanse of the sea and blue sky. Just imagine glittering of the clear blue sea and the seagulls flying above. Or twinkling of the sky in the morning sun. There is not anything more fulfilling than that. The Island of Vis is one of a kind location for you to take advantage of all that is offered - crystal clear sea, big blue sky, local vegetation, and cuisine as well as the luxury of your holiday home. Your terrace will become a sanctuary from which you will not want to leave as everything will seem close to your touch - the sun, the sea, and the stars.

Waking up in a luxury bedroom with a sea view will be the best morning you have ever had in your life and the sounds of the waves will invite you for a refreshing morning swim. From the fully modern kitchen, you will be moved to make wonderful meals for your loved ones. Make sure to try some of the local ingredients and specialties.

Island of Vis and vacation here will leave you inspired and well-rested for all that is in front of you, as Vis is a kind of place that is beautiful enough to bring out the best in you.