If you are thinking about spending your vacation in Poreč, here are a few things about that wonderful town and its riviera.

Poreč is a town on the west coast of Istria and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia. It may be small but let that not fool you, there is plenty to see and do when traveling to Poreč and its surroundings.

If you feel passionate about history, you will definitely enjoy this town whose history spread over more than two millenia, with valuable stone buildings and archaeological remains. The most famous monument is Euphrasian basilica built in the 6th century on the remains of an older church. It has been a UNESCO protected site since 1998. But ancient monuments are not the only attraction in Poreč, the town has experienced so many changes in rulers and states that governed it, all leaving their mark making Poreč an interesting place where many influences can be seen but predominantly those of the Venetian Republic as they were in power for more than 5 centuries. The influence can be seen in architecture, for instance, and there are several Poreč villas built in Venetian manner, that today provide an air of elegance and luxury for their guests.

Apart from the cultural offer (by the way, there are many concerts held during summer, and many bars hire excellent musicians to play on daily basis for their guests), when it comes to food and wine you will not be disappointed if you decide to spend your holidays in Poreč. There are many excellent restaurants, not just in town but in the near countryside, where many taverns that prepare dishes with homegrown food can be found. Wine lovers should also consider coming here - many wineries have their own places for wine tasting and wine purchase in the town and the surrounding areas, but the bars and restaurants also offer premium quality wines of local and other origin. So, even if you booked accommodation on some location out of town, do not worry - your perfect villa does not have to be in the town centre itself to provide you with the opportunity of enjoying superb wines as al main wineries are located in the inland.

We also have to mention nature – Poreč and its surroundings are full of beautiful beaches where the air is fresh and water clean, with beautiful green scenery of pine woods and grass meadows nearby where you can fully engage in all beach and sport activities. Mediterranean vegetation and the Adriatic sea are a winning combination for a relaxing holiday and some people like to be near the sea all the time so they book beach villas for instance, but there are many villas with pools (and other types of accommodation) that still give you the chance for a swim even if they are not located right next to the sea.

This may be just a short guide on what to do and why come to Poreč but be sure that you will not regret your decision if you choose this town as your next holiday destination as not only Poreč, but other places nearby such as Funtana, Vrsar or Kaštelir are all charming and have their own story to tell. Visiting Istria is always a positive experience, and Poreč riviera has never left anyone disappointed.