Summer vacation in a villa or apartment on a border? Well, not the literal one, but that's one of the features that Rogoznica can offer to its guests.

If you cannot decide whether to stay in the south or north part of Adriatic or Dalmatia, then a small town of Rogoznica in Šibenik-Knin county may be a place for you. This lovely place marks a border point between the south and north Adriatic and it has its own microclimate that is especially visible at the Planka point where different winds and sea currents collide. The result is crystal clear sea water that makes you want to jump into the sea even during the winter months.

Geographically, Rogoznica lies on a former island that has been turned into peninsula in the 19th century when it was connected to the mainland through an artificial mound. The bay in which the old town centre is situated is one of the safest natural harbours which makes Rogoznica one of top yachting destinations with large Frapa marina located in smaller Soline bay.

Along the shore of the bay there are newer part of the town where accommodation offer mainly is, with several restaurants and bars scattered around the bay. Some fifty years ago tourism started to be the most dominant economy force in the town and its surroundings so it is no wonder that there is plenty to choose from when it comes to vacation rentals: small hotels, apartments, villas, bed and breakfast.. and as in other Dalmatian places there are modern properties as well as old stone houses turned into a luxury villa or an apartment.

If a beautiful beach is your top priority as a tourist, Rogoznica will definitely meet your needs. As its coast is more than 50 kilometers long, it has numerous beaches scattered along it: pebble ones, rocky ones or with concrete slabs that are ideal for sunbathing. There are bigger ones located in the populated area, but a short walk or boat ride will take you to several secluded coves and beaches where you can enjoy privacy, even during high season.

Rogoznica also boasts with another natural attraction, saltwater lake Zmajevo oko (Dragon's Eye) situated at Gradina peninsula on a thin land strip that divides Soline and Koprišće bays. The lake has no visible connection with the sea but as its surface level oscillates in accordance to the sea tides, there are probably some cracks and small channels below the surface that run from the lake to the sea side of the peninsula. There are many legends and myths surrounding this lake. One of them tells a story of a dragon named Murin whose eye was turned into a lake (hence the name). According to this legend, if a love couple takes a swim in the lake waters, they will remain faithful to each other for the rest of their lives and their marriage will be blessed with offspring and eternal love.

As Rogoznica lies in the center of Dalmatia, it is an ideal starting point for trips to Croatian towns of Šibenik, Split or Zadar, as well as for trips to Kornati or Krka National Parks and others. Therefore, Rogoznica is an ideal destination if you wish to explore the entire Dalmatia, from north to the south.

Its interesting location and attractions, beautiful beaches and crystal clean sea make Rogoznica an ideal place for relaxing vacation on the Adriatic. Once you visit this place, we are sure it won't be the last time you come there.