Have you ever wondered what a fairy tale-like landscape looks like? Visit Plitvice to find out for yourself. 

Imagine a place that looks like it is not made int this world but somewhere beyond even the wildest imagination.

Is there a place on this Earth as Plitvice Lakes? Probably the answer would be yes - but we could be biased as this is the most beautiful part of Croatia and one of the most beautiful parts of Europe. It is not easily described but one can only try.

You must truly experience this place by visiting it to appreciate all the magnificence and uniqueness of the National Park. There are a lot of places and things we could name that make Plitvice Lakes so special. But to see them and feel the nature around you is really the only way you can experience them fully.

There are no pictures that could do justice, or words enough in any language that can describe the National Park and the surrounding area.

Mother Nature has outdone herself with these lakes as the cascades and waterfalls are a sight you will not find anywhere else. It is not in wain that UNESCO added National park Plitvice Lakes to their World Heritage register. The register is made to guard different cultural, historical, or other sites for their outstanding value to humanity. An honour that says a lot about the natural and historical value of this National Park.

Over one million visitors a year come to enjoy this extraordinary place but with the utmost respect for the area, so the National Park to this day looks like it was made yesterday. Preserved wilderness of the Park is an excellent adventure and quite a sight to be seen. The area of the National Park extends over almost 300 square kilometres and it consists of 16 lakes. These lakes gradually descend in one another in over 5460m in length and are divided into two groups called Upper and Lower Lakes. Even though the Park carries the name Plitvice lakes, the Lakes on their own make not even 1% of the Park’s total area. Can you even imagine what wonderful beauties exist here for you to see?

When visiting Plitvice be aware that there are certain rules of conduct and you are advised to take the best care of your surroundings while visiting. To preserve such beauty is of utmost importance.

One of the most interesting fun facts of the area is that one of the most beautiful lakes in the park is named after a famous Croatian opera singer Milka Trnina, which is rumoured to also inspire a name for famous chocolate.

As the National Park and the surrounding area are a great location to spend a vacation, they are brimming with private accommodation, hotels, and villas.

All the 16 lakes of the National Park are perfect natural treasures in any Season, but they make the most wonderful sight in Winter. Pathways covered with snow and waterfalls frozen in place are indeed a sight you will not be able to ever forget.

Plitvice Lakes and the surrounding area are overflowing with flora and fauna and are the best witness of the fact how a man can co-exist with nature, take care of it, and help it thrive.

To truly absorb the atmosphere and the beauty of Plitvice one day would not be enough. As all the words also seem inadequate to fully describe this one of the most treasured places Nature has ever created