Ancient architecture and great food – and many more things you wish for, are at hands reach in Zadar. 

But what does it truly mean – to be ancient?

How to explain to someone that the street you are walking one is pawed with stones that are centuries old? Well, exactly like that. Old Romans settled here and made the town of Zadar – a cultural and municipal center of Northern Dalmatia.

Rich in land, history and sea Zadar is really and truly old. There is evidence that people settled here somewhere near the late Stone age. But the main origins and the emergence of the city as such it owes to the roman empire. The origins of these times still stand as evidence in the heart of Zadar – the remains of the Roman forum.

Intricate streets, walls surrounding the city, stone wells, and City gates are all within a small walking distance. All this and many more sights from all the time periods in history are visible in Zadar.

Take a tour around the town Centre, take your time and in every direction, you will witness some historical site however big or small.

Sightseeing in Zadar – charge your phone, take ALL the pictures

Walking around Zadar can be truly an aethereal experience. There is no good advice for your best starting point as every part of Zadar has something special about it. Numerous parks with historical sights, squares with wells on them, ancient churches, church bell tower with a great vista from the top, main street brimming with people… sightseeing in Zadar is an adventure even for local people as there is something interesting, magnificent, and unique to see on every corner and on every wall. Zadar townspeople as almost everybody in Dalmatia have this special way of getting around – not by street names but by different locations. And this is only one of the Dalmatia’s many curiosities.

Be amazed by the architecture as awed by the history

The town of Zadar went through many battles and wars but, in its essence, it remained the same. It was devastated and ruined but the soul of the town remained untouched. It changed its appearance over the years and in these modern times, it has become one of the most developed towns in the region as well as in the whole of Croatia. Zadar has some of the most renowned architects there are, and they have made this town worth seeing and experiencing all the modern wonders in their true magnificence.

Greet the Sun while listening to Sea organ (all this while soaking your feet in the Adriatic Sea)

Unique monuments in this unique city made by a renowned architect are the main attractions of Zadar are known all over the World. As their names say one is a Sea organ and the other is Greeting to the Sun.

We will say nothing more but to invite you to spend an evening here marveling at the sunset and enjoying the performance of the light, and music that the waves make.

Eat - drink – repeat

There is nothing more to say to this. The title says it all – but we will elaborate. Try all the food all the wine and all the local craft beer.

Take a wine road, the cheese road, or the olive oil road to enjoy to the fullest all that Zadar and the area have to offer. Sample all the local wines as some of them are an award-winning one. Not to mention the local cheeses that are made here - so good and so full of flavor that will satisfy even the biggest gourmets. Local restaurants known for their offer of excellent food and all kinds of beverages are indeed places to dedicate your time to.

Old town bar-crawl

Ah well, Dalmatia really is best known for few things and one of them is cultivating the coffee drinking rituals and going to bars. Not an unusual sight to see here so take it for advantage to the fullest. Zadar has a nightlife filled with music and a great atmosphere. Bring your friends and enjoy with the locals in all kinds and variations of music, form urban to native acapella songs.

As they say, “wherever you go, do as the locals do”. You might as well see the locals sitting wherever they feel like it. On stone steps of the main square or on the walls of the remains of the Roman temple – it doesn’t matter. They will make themselves comfortable anywhere, as is the Dalmatian way.

Sunset away

May the picture of the sunset in Zadar together with any other place you visit, stay with you forever. Because it surely will. It is not by chance that this sunset is of the most talked-about by locals, visitors, and famous people alike. True beauty and true serenity are some of the words with which we can describe this perfection. But to actually see for yourself this magnificent sight of the Sun setting behind the islands is an indescribable event. Wonderful sunset is a feeling we may say, a true experience of the soul for which no words are enough.

Rafting, kayaking, canyoning, trekking, and Škraping... wait - what?

Without any false modesty, we can truly say that Zadar has it all. The town and the area offer you so many activities and beautiful landscapes to explore that it will take you several vacations to try them out all, not just one. The closeness of Zadar to river Zrmanja makes for an extraordinary excursion for all types of adventurers. If your choice is to leisurely walk and explore, or even putting yourself and your dearest ones into a raft or a kayak and speed down the river’s canyon – it is up to you. But a great time is guaranteed, nevertheless. Never heard of Škraping? Well, that is one of a kind experiences to live trough as it is an International trekking race on Island. Over rocks, stones trough bushes and wherever you can imagine on a stone covered island – this extreme sport is indeed not for the faint of heart.

Bouldering is not only for the brave

Rock climbing on Velebit mountain is surely one of the things in life you must try. This mountain like it was created to bring the best out of you. Supervised rock climbing for beginners or free climbing for experts is one of the main things this mountain is known for. People from far and wide come here to enjoy this experience. And thousands of people can’t surely be wrong, especially when it comes to experiencing all the wonders of nature.

Don't forget the beaches

Yes, really - don’t. It turns out that Zadar has also beautiful beaches, as it was expected of such a wonderful town. Zadar is a town that also allows you to go swimming in the main town center, on the seafront by the Sea organ. But take your time to explore all the town's beaches and the ones outside the town. As close to Zadar there are a lot of small coastal towns and every one of them has a hidden beach or a cove waiting just for you. Why not go somewhere else totally different every day?