Visit Istria and explore Umag and the area to discover the truth behind the words what is most important is hidden to the eyes. 

Bike or a hike – the area is made for both. 

To start with a fun fact for all of you who like a bit of activity on their vacation – Umag and the area have more than 600 bike trails. So, your vacation will most definitely not be boring.

To walk around or to rent a bike (if you do not have your own) now is the question? We recommend both as some of the vistas around Umag are to be seen and experienced slowly and leisurely. For recreational as well as professional cyclists, Umag is known for its excellent trails as well as several popular bike races. Even as a spectator you could enjoy yourself to the fullest as the best way to spend your vacation is to explore and gain new memories.

Wine, food, and olive oil – there is nothing more you need

The best part about any vacation is food and wine. Some people travel the world just for the food and one of their top destinations should also be Umag and the area. Answer to the question why - is very simple – a great portion of Istria’s best wine and olive oil makers are from around here. There is nothing more exciting than to discover some new culinary miracle, and truffles are just that. Immerse yourself in all the wine and olive oil tastings and for lunch or dinner, you can take your pick. Every tavern and every restaurant will offer you a wonderful selection of specialties made with expertise and love that this local food deserves.

What does Umag do best – it gets the groove on

Umag nurtures the music scene and keeps it alive – for the local population as well as the tourists. What a better way to make a name for yourself beside as an old historical town in this modern era – than to make yourself an electronic music top destination. The energy of these festivals is unique, and it transcends all the usual conventional dimensions. This is the music to be felt in a different kind of way than people are used to – it is to be felt with your heart but also to be experienced with your mind. And if your mind is open even to the smallest degree – you will enjoy yourself to the fullest. The music scene is alive in Umag especially in August as the whole town comes alive with the sounds of all kinds of music genres - truly unavoidable events.

Cape Savudrija lighthouse – everybody loves a tragic romantic tale

Once upon a time, the mainland needed a lighthouse so the story about the Savudrija lighthouse began. This is the oldest lighthouse in Croatia and the oldest operating lighthouse on the Adriatic, with 36m in height and 30 miles visibility range. Today it stands as the monument to the days long past but still, it serves its main purpose – to light the way to the men at sea, whoever they may be. Today the lighthouse is a place you can rent for accommodation and have a great adventure. As almost any old building in the world perhaps, this lighthouse also has its own tragic love story that brings people from all over to visit it.

Umag harbour and the beaches – explore freely, live to the fullest

Exploring Umag’s and the area and its beaches is a unique experience on its own as the sea here is as everywhere in the Croatian Adriatic – clean and clear. The sea is inviting you to take a swim and explore all the wonders of the sea underworld. It would be a big mistake not to explore the beaches, both in Umag and in the whole of Istria, because these are the most beautiful beaches that exist. In small and charming Umag you are welcome you to explore to your heart's content and here you will feel as a part of a community - as is the Croatian way.