Visit Istria and find out why it is important to have a bit of magic in your life. 

Croatia has many uniqueness and beauties, but Istria looks like it has taken a bit of everything that is the best and has put it all in one place. What a sight to behold this place is. A truly magnificent piece of art made by nature and perfected by man.

One would think that to have a wonderful vacation all you have to do is sit back and relax. Sure, there is a simple truth in that but if you are inclined to experience more, visiting Istria and discovering its magic is an excellent way for you to have the best time you could ever imagine.

Istria will give you the most welcoming invitation for you to experience more - more of the fairytale-like landscapes and ancient sights as well as all the cultural and educational contents. Events and festivals in the region are the main topics so make sure to visit and maybe even participate in one of the local festivals.

Istria is a truly magnificent place for you to have a vacation and it is called magical for a reason. With a mainland Istrian peninsula has it is not difficult to imagine having the best vacation ever.

There is a most interesting fact about Istria which is that it has around five hundred villages. Mostly formed as an expansion of the old estates throughout history these villages are an excellent way for you to explore and enjoy the peculiarity and the uniqueness of them. Some of them are even uninhabited so they make a perfect location for leisurely exploration.

Istrian mainland is quite different than its seaside as it is filled with hills and meadows, vineyards, and olive groves. The perfection of nature as never seen before because it is filled with all sorts of small local and family-run taverns where you can always try the local specialties first-hand straight for the garden. Such a wonderful way to spend your vacation isn't it. Exploring and tasting on every corner.

A part of continental Istria is called green Istria and there is a very good reason for it. It is a place brimming with hills, forests, and caves making every outdoor activity one to remember.

Pack your backpack and have a relaxing walk or rent a bike and enjoy all that the scenery provides for you.

The region is vast and filled with all kinds of ancient monuments for you to explore.

With the mainland, this rich with all things green it is not hard to get lost in the beauty of it all. So be careful not to fall in love with Istria completely as every moment of every day you will have something to do and to see. All things new and soon to become special for you forever.

Continental Istria is filled a different kind of tranquillity that you will not encounter everywhere. It is a peaceful place to live, filled with magic and stories of days of old.

The “romance” with Istria is never-ending as any other great love story that has ever been told.