Croatian coast boasts with numerous great villas ideal for summer vacation that are luxurious and fully equipped and since the offer is pretty rich in every region in Croatia, whether your destination is Istria, Kvarner, Dalmatia or Dubrovnik. They come in different shapes and sizes, with location that varies a lot as they can be located at a secluded place or near a bigger town, deep in the inland or right at the Adriatic coast. 

If you prefer to spend your holidays in an older, historic building with tales from the past then an old stone villa is a right choice for you. These types of villas are all very well furnished and offer real luxury to its guests, and a swimming pool is a must. Since these buildings all have large gardens and yards, having enough space with a private pool is not a problem. Enjoying great old stone architecture is a treat, but the history of the villas and stories from the past are definitely a great part of their charm. Most of them were once home for noble families or rich craftsmen and seafarers who had their vision of life and many of them invited foreign architects to create beautiful houses for them and their families. Today those villas are great for holiday relaxation and travel and are mostly situated on the coast near beaches and make ideal place for having a quick swim in the sea and enjoying the unforgettable sea view from terraces and bedrooms.

For lovers of more recent buildings but who prefer to keep it simple, there are many new built villas that honour the architecture tradition of the region and the Mediterranean. Many of these villas are located in more secluded places with large outer space that gives their visitors a superb sense of privacy and seclusion, and some of them even have large vineyards around the housing area. These villas are also stylish and fully equipped, so swimming pool is a must, and usually there are other facilities as well, such as a tennis court, Jacuzzi and everything else that makes a perfect holiday home.

Those who honour state of the art architecture that is contemporary and stunning needn’t worry. The plenitude of modern, comfortable villas available for rent in Croatia guarantees that you can find the one that suits you completely.  Spacious, luxurious and stylish, these great buildings are also equipped with everything you can think of and need for a perfect summer holiday, and their interior design matches their modern exterior so you can feast your eyes wherever you are. These villas are thoughtfully designed not just to be beautiful but to make the best of their location, space, nature and amenities.

Your perfect holiday in luxury villa doesn’t have to be a dream anymore. All you have to do is check the offer of Croatian villas and find the one whose style, location and amenities suit your needs best. With so many perfect properties in Dalmatia, Istria, Kvarner or Dubrovnik one cannot go wrong. Wondering which villa would be your paradise property? Just book the one whose style you like and which meets your requirements the best and enjoy excellent villas that Croatia has to offer.