Find out why National park Krka and its waterfalls are unprecedented in their beauty and magnificence. 

In the year 1985. Croatia became richer for one more national park. The area, land, and the river were there for a long time, of course, but the enrichment of the national culture began officially then.

The uniqueness of national park Krka can be seen in many ways, depending on what you are focused on, but the main thing remains – an abundance of natural beauty and fun in one place.

To understand the true uniqueness of National park we must first understand what a ria is.

Ria is an estuary that flows into the sea, and its creation owes to the fact that the rise of the sea made the riverbed to be submerged, and the unbelievable ria of the Krka River is almost 24 km long. Ria of the national park Krka is incomparable as it is an unpolluted area rich in freshwater and seawater fish alike, as well as other underwater life.

The area of the National park Krka also has archaeological sites and rich sacral heritage, so a tour of the park will be a wonderful experience.

This national park must be experienced in spring most definitely, as that is the time that these waterfalls are in their most remarkable beauty.

The sound of waterfalls flowing with crystal clear water with a total drop in height of 224 m, a natural and karst phenomenon is a beautiful sight to be seen. This is a place with unearthly beauty not easily imagined, so the visit here will be a life-changing experience.

One of the most attractive parts of the National park Krka is Skradinski buk waterfall, considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the whole of Europe which evokes an almost preternatural feeling. The waterfall is formed by travertine barriers, islands, and lakes and it is truly magnificent and unique. If you want to experience Nature in its true original form visit this place and see for yourself what does the true meaning of the phrase “out of this world” really means.

A true collaboration of men and nature, Skradinski buk has old mills that have been restored, using the power of nature and the water flow. Still standing to this day, the mills have been converted to souvenir shops and ethnographic exhibitions, but this does not diminish their true value. Skradinski buk together with its mills is a testament to nature’s power and magnificence.

National park Krka has also a very precious mill complex with a great worth to the whole area of Sibenik on which is located, as well as an inestimable value to the whole Dalmatia and Croatia as well.

Localities such as Roski slap are not to be missed as they are open to the visitors throughout the whole year. With the hiking trail and all the beautiful curiosities to be seen, this waterfall is an unavoidable place for all who visit the National park.

One of the places you are not to miss while in the park is Visovac island, a small but wonderful island that contains a monastery and it is open for public visits. Unavoidable location while at the National park as it can be reached by boat and explored freely. Its gardens and nature together with the monastery’s library and museum make for a one of a kind experiences that will further enrich your life.

The abundance of hiking trails and areas for sightseeing and exploring this place will make you feel united with nature and in tune with every single part of this place.