Staying in Sun and Style with a Korčula Luxury Villa

When you choose the impressive villas in Korčula, you’re choosing a holiday full of sunshine. Given the Mediterranean climate, with its warm summers and mild, sunny winters, Korčula will let you book your luxury villa at any time of year – you can even book your villa with a pool and enjoy a swim in most months (especially since we offer heated pools)!

When you spend your vacation in Korčula, you should spend it in style. Our luxury villas let you do just that. A stay in one of our Korčula luxury villas will turn the whole island into a masterpiece well worthy of its status as a popular travel destination. 

With its incredible geographic location and wondrous history, the island really has it all: glorious weather, rich culture, enchanting nature, and legends and stories that will stimulate your imagination. A stay in one of our Korčula luxury villas will delight you; there’s no doubt about that. 

It’s time to write your story in this island famous for its art and history. 

The Colourful History Behind Your Korčula Villa

Let us take you back in time to the legend behind Korčula’s name. Nymph Kerkyre was the daughter of the river god Azopa and had hair that matched the deep colours of the island’s oak forests. You will fall in love with the beauty of the island that bears her name and the Korčula villas in which you can spend your time.

Another piece of history associated with Korčula, is the legend of the world’s greatest traveller, Marco Polo. He is said to have been born on the island. Whether that is true or not, it’s certain that he spent time there. If you consider yourself something of an adventurer, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to venture outside of your Korčula villa to follow his tracks through the island.  

The fate of the island has been long determined by its status as an important port on the sea route. It was an attractive location to many royal leaders, including the Illyrians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Venetians, the French, the Russians, the Italians, and the Austrians. This has culminated in a gorgeous mix of architectural styles and countless histories, which melt effortlessly into its natural geography. 

When you choose to stay in a fairy tale villa in Korčula, these historical sights are right on your doorstep. From medieval buildings to ancient monuments from the years before Christ, the mystical history of the island is woven into every piece of architecture. So, if you choose to leave your luxurious villa for a day out to see the house of Marco Polo or any of the other marvellous landmarks, it will certainly be a memorable and rich experience. 

Natural Beauties Beyond Your Korčula Villa

The island of Korčula is one of the most densely forested islands in the Adriatic. However, these forests are certainly not the only natural attraction. When you stay in one of our beautiful holiday villas, you can also visit the beautiful vineyards where the famous Pošip wine is made, which is a trademark of the island. 

Whether you choose to visit the deep forests, find the oldest cypress in Europe, or see the medicinal herbs of lavender, immortelle, sage and rosemary growing in the wild, the lush vegetation of the island is scenic and picturesque and guaranteed to revive your senses. Imagine what a wonderful experience it would be to see all this and then to return to your lovely villa in Korčula to relax for the evening. 

Of course, all this greenery isn’t without the accompanying wildlife. You may encounter seals, eagles, mongooses, wild boar, rabbits, pheasants, wild ducks and even deer in the wild. Many locals also keep donkeys, cows, sheep, and goats. The charming traditional pace of life is certainly another factor to enjoy outside your delightful Korčula villa.

The most highly populated places on the coast of the island are Vila Luka and Lumbarda, while Blato and Žrnovo, along with countless other gorgeous places, are settled in the centre of the island. The coast extends over 182km – and that’s without counting the numerous islands and islets – so there are plenty of beautiful beaches to see and many glorious things to do when you venture outside of your luxury villa in Korčula. Even if you have a Korčula villa with a pool, you’ll want to go and enjoy the natural waters of the coastline. 

Villas in Korčula are true pearls that give you a safe and luxurious home base from which you can explore this island and all its riches. 

The Artistic World Outside of Your Korčula Luxury Villa

A German artist once called Korčula the “island of love” – a name it certainly deserves. Korčula’s reputation for love and romance is born out of the numerous artists who have been inspired to create fabulous masterpieces during their time on the island. 

Korčula is an oasis of creativity that has inspired many Croatian and international works. One of our villas on the island is even partly an art exhibit. That being said, each villa in Korčula is of course a small masterpiece in itself. Take the opportunity to experience this deep guiding creative energy for yourself and book your luxury villa now.

Soak Up the Sun from Your Korčula Villa

Paradisial beaches, beautiful bays, clear waters with deep blue waves … all of this is simply the introduction to the true love story of your next trip. Korčula is certainly a star that should not go unnoticed. 

Choose Korčula, choose one of our luxury villas, and start enjoying your next holiday.

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