Why a holiday in Split, the Heart of Dalmatia?

Split is a city located in the heart of Dalmatia, whose beauty is enjoyed every year by thousands of guests from all over the world. The destination is full of historic sites, distinctive architecture, festivals, various cultural events and beautiful beaches.

The luxury villas in Split are built according to the latest trends. They exude style, comfort and provide guests with all the amenities necessary for a fun and carefree dream vacation. The villas are located in the quieter corners of Split, where guests can feel like an emperor from ancient times.

A walk through history in Split

A nearly 2400-year-old lady, Split is the second largest city in Croatia and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979. Located on the Adriatic coast in the heart of Dalmatia, this city is a gem to discover for all history lovers. 

Our villas in Split might be splendid, but they pale in comparison to the Diocletian's Palace which − coincidently − was built as a luxury villa for the Roman Emperor Diocletian. The passing of time and people changed the general appearance of the palace, but its heart still beats like an ancient Roman. 

Another historical site for you to visit during your stay in Split is the Cathedral of Saint Domnius which dates back to the 4th century.

More to do in Split: People and life in the city

Apart from its rich history, Split is also the hometown of many Croatian music legends. Their songs often even feature the city itself and its beauty. Listening to one song by Oliver Dragojević from the comfort of your villa in Split can tell you all you need to know to plan your stay in Croatia.

Festivals and culture

Split is a complete package of history, nature and fun!

The Split Summer Festival is a yearly event held since 1954. Each year the festival expands its programme, featuring many arts including jazz concerts, art exhibitions and street theater. For a more relaxed atmosphere, the Mediterranean Film Festival Split promotes the best in European and world film through screenings, workshops, lectures and other events.

For the younger crowd, the Ultra Europe Festival is a 3-day electronic music event that takes place in July. This festival features the world's most famous DJs with live sets that bring together music lovers from over 120 countries.

There’s no limit to the culture and amenities available to you in Split. After a night out dancing, relax in the Meštrović Gallery with its stunning works of art by the eponymous sculptor. Or pay a visit to the local harbour, Riva, for high-end shops, cafes and restaurants.

Football and sport

Looking for some first-class football? Go to one of the matches of the Hajduk Split football club during your vacation. We’re sure you’ll love it. 

But if you want to experience the local culture, you might enjoy the Picigin World Championship celebrating a special sport that originated in Split during the First World War. 

Local markets for food specialities

During your stay in one of our luxury villas in Split, be sure to visit the local market, it’s probably the liveliest place in the whole city. Here you can taste Dalmatian specialties, all locally produced, and fully embrace the Croatian food culture.

The fish market is another place that attracts daily gatherings of Split’s citizens. Almost everything that the Adriatic Sea has to offer can be found at the fish market stands: find some fish of your liking and try your hand at a home-cooked delicacy for you and your family in the courtyard of a Split villa.

Let your holiday home fill with those Mediterranean aromas!

Book your luxury villa in Split with us

Villas in Split are varied. There’s plenty of choice for fans of modern holiday homes, but if you have a more rustic taste, you too will find wonderful villas in Split to rent. Many older properties were renovated by their owners to blend modern comfort with that signature rustic and tasteful look. You’re only spoilt for choice.

Among the benefits of renting your accommodation with us, you can count on:

  • A diverse selection of luxury villas close to all of Split’s amenities.
  • The highest levels of comfort and cleanliness.
  • The warm hospitality of our partnering villa owners and hosts.
  • The chance to book additional tourist services.

Can you imagine sipping your favourite drink from your villa with pool overlooking the historical town of Split? Or do you wish to let the rustic villas by the beautiful Adriatic Sea talk to you of Dalmatia as it once was? Get ready to go back to ancient Roman times and book your villa in Split today.

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