If you dream of an idyllic holiday, Split is a perfect destination for you, as it has an extraordinary selection of luxury villas for everyone’s preference. 

There are a lot of things Split is known for as one of Croatia’s biggest towns and also a marine port. But as a cultural center and also a great tourist destination it has a lot to show also.

Brimming with history and with life, with local people who are special in their own Dalmatian way, Split has to be your next holiday destination.

To say that Split is special would not be enough to describe the uniqueness of this place. It is one of the most renowned towns in Croatia known for many things. Rich in history it is also recognized all around for its uniqueness and fame in music and culture in general. Split is a magnificent town to visit and even more so as a holiday destination. There are a lot of wonderful things written and sung about Split, so we will make our focus on the thing that should be of the utmost importance for someone who is looking for a perfect place for vacation - a luxury villa beyond compare.

There are a lot of beautiful villas in Split and in the area as the town's perfect location is made for tourism and is full of all types and variations of holiday homes. Villas in Split are made especially with one mission in mind - for you to have the best, most relaxing, and luxurious vacation ever. And spending a vacation in or near a town such as Split is going to be a never-ending treat for you and your family. Location is usually everything, but what should be the main thing while looking for a holiday villa should be its design also.

Luxury villas of Split are all beautifully decorated houses with carefully picked furniture and appliances to make your vacation as luxurious and easy-going as possible. All you have to do is to relax as much as possible and soak up the sun. Magnificent stone terrace with a wonderful view is just the right place to have your breakfast in the morning listening to the songs of the birds. Lounger by the pool is a perfect place for you to marvel at the unparalleled night sky filled with stars and dark blue hues. Whatever you want to do on your vacation, all options are available to you as luxury villas in Split will encompass you with their abundance of all things that are good for you. Maybe even a few bad things, but you are on a vacation and who are we to judge.

When talking about Split as a town we have to mention the liveliness of the people here. By spending your vacation in Split, you will soon find out that the people here are a bit merrier than in other parts of Croatia. Whether it is that because of the sun or the fresh sea air, there is no way to prove it. All you can do is pack your bags and check this fact for yourself and maybe in the process make some new friends in Dalmatia.