When planning your next visit to Dalmatia, why not discover its story as a filming location – maybe the villa you chose was featured in one of the productions.

Dalmatia is a great region to explore whether you choose its inland, coast or one of the islands. As many tourists confirm year after year, there is an ongoing appeal of this part of the Adriatic to many visitors from all over the world and the accommodation available for booking has never been better, with hotels, villas and apartments from all categories but not only that. New restaurants are being opened and various new events held that enrich the offer for the rising number of visitors in Dalmatia but natural attractions and crystal clear waters of the Adriatic sea are not the only reasons for this increase.

The rise of Dalmatia as an attractive destination is not only due to its stunning nature or friendly people. In the last decade or so, Dalmatia has become an attractive filming location as well, with Hollywood and American cable networks production which has made its popularity as a tourist destination grow and for instance, it also provides guests with an opportunity to book a villa or apartment at one of the locations in Dalmatia that „starred“ in a film or series.

The latest stellar film production took place on the island of Vis in the autumn of 2017 where the sequel to the hugely popular Mamma Mia musical was filmed. Vis served as a fictional Greek island with old stone villas and the cast of the film was Hollywood A list: Amanda Seyfried, Colin Firth, Pierce Brosnan, Meryl Streep, just to name a few. The premiere is due this summer and we can't wait to see one of the most beautiful Croatian islands as a backdrop of the Mamma Mia 2.

Island of Pag served as a place of terror a couple of months before that. Well, not literary, but television series called The Terror was filmed on several locations on Pag island and it was executive-produced by the great Ridley Scott. It tells a story of what befell the crew of HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, two British ships that underwent an ambitious voyage to the Arctic in order to force the Northwest Passage but never returned back (loosely based on true events) and Pag with its lunar landscape and pristine nature proved to be an ideal location for the story.

But the most famous production that has chosen locations in Dalmatia for filming is by no means HBO's Game of Thrones – the series was shot in Dubrovnik (city walls, Minčeta fortress, etc.), Trsteno, Klis fortress and Split (Diocletian's palace) and many tourist either try organized tours to these locations or, if they feel more adventurous, they discover the locations by themselves. The filming has certainly helped to advertise the beauty and history of these magnificent places in Dalmatia and it has increased the number of visitors. And speaking of Dubrovnik, we must mention another one of the latest productions – Star Wars: The Last Jedi was also filmed in this beautiful old Croatian town.

And if you wish to visit any of the locations, the local tour guides are more than familiar with all the details and stories of the filmings and will gladly share them with you during their tours. Finding accommodation is easy and you can find good selection of Dalmatian villas or modern apartments located in the vicinity of the filming locations. The prices vary but it is not difficult to find those that would fit into your budget. And who knows, maybe a villa you chose for your stay will be featured in some of the next international productions in Dalmatia.