Visiting Dubrovnik and not checking out all the sights that Game of Thrones series used, would be a big miss.

These locations are unique and beautiful beyond compare and even the ones who never saw the series will be satisfied. Dubrovnik is known for its music scene, its classical music, mainstream or local bands or some of the world’s famous DJ’s – Dubrovnik in the Season is the place to be if you are a music lover. Dubrovnik is a wonderful backdrop for any concert but especially the ones that are held in the open. Aromatic night air and sky filled with stars will make any concert magical.

One of the spots known for its events is Revelin fortress. A historical fortress is turned into a night club that welcomes foreign and domestic musicians and DJ’s in this extraordinary atmosphere. Made in the 15th Century it is a perfect spot for fun and partying. The view from the terrace on top of the fortress is excellent so do not miss out on visiting this sight even if you are not into music that much.

Dubrovnik Summer Festival is a tradition that lasts over 70 years and is one of the main cultural manifestations in Croatia and beyond. The main goals of the Summer festival are to bring culture and all kinds of manifestations closer to the public and introduce to the public new views and new horizons. With tradition meeting the modern world, the Summer Festival is a thing to put on your “to-do” list.

Elaphiti island is a small archipelago that extends along the coast of Dubrovnik. Several islands make a great tourist attraction and are mainly known as the most tranquil vacation spot with beautiful beaches and perfect scenery. Mentioned as early as 1st in some scriptures these islands are the pride of the Dubrovnik area it was during history mainly a vacation spot for the local nobles. Today some of these islands are home to people who live by the sea and from the sea. A wonderful small archipelago of some 13 islands is an excellent place for you to visit and explore.

Lokrum island is located some 600 meters from Dubrovnik and a being so close to the shore is a wonderful spot to visit. Filled with history and changing ownerships, Lokrum has one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in this part of Europe. A must-see by anyone who comes in the area.

To take the best advantage of your visit to the Dubrovnik area make sure to go on the top of Srđ – a low mountain overlooking Dubrovnik. View from here will be one to remember as the sight from above is quite unique. The hill is Dubrovnik’s natural protection from the wind and a long time ago it was a protection from the usurpers.

There is a cable car that runs from Dubrovnik to the top of Srđ and this gives you an excellent opportunity to take a short trip uphill and enjoy the view to the fullest. The cable car was renovated recently, and it is a great attraction but also a great spot for you to have a daily excursion or a picnic with friends and family.

Sights of the town of Dubrovnik are one of a kind as this town has one of the most tumultuous histories. On every step, you will encounter wonderful curiosities as the stone column in the shape of a knight called Orlando, or a palace Sponza which today serves as the town archive. And many more. All these places are brimming with stories so take your time to get to know them well and your life will be enriched for sure.

Finally, not to miss while visiting Dubrovnik are the City Walls. Its main attraction and a masterpiece on its own, the walls surrounding Dubrovnik are an intricate system of forts and towers along the way, and the walls are 1940 meters surrounding the old town. For sure a breath-taking place to visit.

Dubrovnik is truly one of the most beautiful and special towns in Croatia and the world. Its uniqueness and hospitality make an unforgettable visit and long-lasting memories.