Some things change, but soul of the town of Split remains the same. 

Get to know the old Split

While visiting Split, marveling at its history and wonderful historical locations and monuments will be inevitable. As is in every town in Croatia. Split is one of the oldest towns in these parts and a long time ago its perfect location was recognized for its true value. Split was founded as a Greek colony close to 2nd century BC so you can easily imagine how many stories this town has to offer. Everywhere you go in the old town center you will encounter some kind of a reminder of the past times. Nothing left to do but to explore the soul of the town.

Get to know the new Split

Modern-day Split with its malls and giant residential buildings is so much different from its look in the past, but the main thing remains – Split is the heart of Dalmatia in every way. As a cultural and political center of the Dalmatia, the town has developed into a real center of events. All roads lead to Split we could easily say, and not only because is one of the largest ports on the Mediterranean but also because is one the most important. Split has been a true focus of all urban events in the area as well as an example for the rest of the area. The music and art scene here are thriving as well as the local cuisine. Every next time you visit Split there will be something new and different and that is what makes this town in whole and its people truly worldly.

Climb the hill

One of the great things in Split that you can have a wonderful walk in total peace near the town center. Marjan is a hill overlooking Split and a wonderful thing is that this oasis awaits you a few minutes from the hustle of the town. If you desire some quiet time or just want to see the view from the top, this is a location that is highly recommended. On Marjan there are a lot of monuments and sights to be seen so your walk will be fulfilled in many ways. If you are in a mood for a light jog or a run, try the trails on Marjan hill, and you will not be disappointed.

Croatian GOAT - but in arts

One of the most prominent Croatian artists which have changed the entire perspective toward the art is no other than Ivan Mestrovic. The multitalented artist left his mark on Croatian history as a sculptor, architect, and author. He is known as one of the most important artists in Europe and is known outside of the borders, as some of his works are exhibited even in the United States.

When in Split be sure to visit his gallery that contains many of his works. One of the things Mestrovic was the best at, was the representation of the human body and architectural designs that stand the test of time.

Want some luck in your life?

Ivan Meštrović made a statue of Gregory of Nin, a medieval Croatian bishop known amongst other things by introducing the Croatian language in the religious services. Meštrović made this 8,5-metre-tall statue of this important historical figure and it was placed in Split. Years went by and the statue changed its positions several times, but the fact remained – it is one of the main town curiosities. It is one of the tourist attractions as people usually come to visit the bishop’s statue and rub its big toe for good luck. As we all know some things are best left to luck so when visiting Split don’t miss adding some luck to your life, because you never know.

Wait, there is a palace?

Sure thing, because after all – this is Split. One of the most well-preserved monuments from the Roman Empire, Diocletian’s palace is a true palace that covers almost half of the old town of Split. Made to be Emperor Diocletian’s retirement home in 4th century AD, today is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. A remarkable and a beautiful location you will not be able to miss while in town.

There is a fortress on a mountain and a town around it

Sound a bit like poetry but all of this is true. Overlooking Split there is a mountain pass named Klis of some 360m in altitude. On the top of the hill lays a fortress in all its glory, a wonderful location to visit. Klis fortress was of much importance to the area throughout history and today it is an exquisite monument to the days of old. The main attraction of the town and the area, the fortress and the town make a wonderful spot for an excursion. But the view from the top is the thing that will take your breath away. Especially in the evening while the sun sets over the bay or during the night when the stars are twinkling while the town lights are shining in the distance.

To see and be seen - walk along Riva

The main gathering of the local people and a great spot for tourists all around the world is Split’s main seafront promenade - the Riva. With bars and restaurants on the one side and seafront on the other, it is an excellent spot to take a walk and enjoy the town to the fullest. For centuries Riva was “the spot” for locals to spend their leisure time and to have their main events. Today this spot is no different even if it was renovated not long ago. We could say that Split is mainly known for this promenade and that this is the place where life is going on in the town. You must see and experience for yourself the true feeling of the Riva to understand the easy-going way of Dalmatian life.

Discover picigin and you will never be the same

Few people gather around the small ball in the shallows – what is the fun in that? Well, all of the fun - as generations of local people will testify to that. This is an amateur game, but it has a World championship, originating in Split but known far and wide. The goal of the game is that the ball is not supposed to ever touch the water. And whatever you do and whatever maneuvers you have to make – you will make it for the sake of the game. Local men and women will gladly show you how to play this game as it is fun and very addictive. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what time of the year it is – it is always time for picigin.

Visit the islands from the songs

Unsurpassed view from Split’s main Riva or anywhere else for that matter is a view of Island Solta. As it is so close to the mainland this island makes for a wonderful place for a day trip to explore and check-out the beaches. Brac, Hvar, and Vis are also excellent spots for you to visit and find out for yourself why are there so many songs that have been written and sung about these islands. Their beauty is indescribable and the nature almost untouched, in perfect coexistence with modern-day way of life.