Modernly equipped luxurious villas, located in one of the oldest and most beautiful witnesses of the glory of the Roman Empire - Solin, open their doors for summer season! Book on time!

No matter how beautiful destination is, accommodation is a key factor of successful holiday. The importance of quality accommodation is greater when traveling with the whole family or a group of the favorite people. You should satisfy everyone's tastes and have holidays without feeling guilty of bringing them to the real hell even you are in heaven on Earth. Yes, bad accommodation will turn your vacation into real hell! So if you are looking for a place that will satisfy everyone's appetites, and that will be luxurious, then the villa Solin is yours summer destination. Here is why!

The city of Solin is located in the suburbs of Split. Cute, charming, large enough, and small enough, cooled by the river Jadro flowing through its center, which will make you enjoy the right refreshment in hot summer days. In this place there are several luxurious holiday facilities. Villas Solin are equipped with state-of-the-art home appliances, design-style, architecturally integrated into traditional Solin construction, spacious rooms, kitchen, private parking, terrace and pool where you can cool off at any time. Staying in one of these villas will be a special experience as well as a visit to the charming Solin, which they call the city as a monument.

Solin developed from the ancient Salon which was once the capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia. Today you can walk to the remains of this former, fourth-largest city in the Roman Empire. You will see stone walled towers, a forum of temples, an amphitheater, an Early Christian Martyrs cemetery, the Šuplja church one of the most important historical sites in Croatia where is basilica where were crowned Croatian medieval rulers, the remains of Roman temples, the theater and numerous other witnesses of the famous past. In the heart of Solin is the island of Virgin Mary, the oldest marianic Croatian shrine whose center is dominated with the beautiful church. At the entrance to the town of Solin, on the small peninsula, lies Vranjic, a village of picturesque appearance and a true Mediterranean ambience. Enjoy walking through its stone streets and soak up the landscaped city beaches.

In addition to Vranjic you can also visit the nearby Mravince, Kastela and Split, the second largest city in Croatia. Split is a real shopping destination, full of summer adventures, active tourism and crazy night fun. If you like to party do not miss visiting the Ultra Split festival that brings thousands of party fans from around the world to Split and its surroundings. You can also be active in Solin, where you can find numerous cycling tours, hiking, paintball, street workout park, zipline Kozjak / Split, hiking in Mosor, visiting Omiš, trips to nearby islands or visiting Split and Solna sights accompanied by expert guides. Soline's summer is packed with cultural, sports and entertainment events. Do not miss a look at some of the dramatic performances in "Ethnoambient Salon", as well as local traditional events such as the Days of Harvesting and Performing in Blaca Village, Fisherman's Evenings, Exhibitions of Old Traditions and Crafts and the World-renowned International Caricature Festival. The most significant day of the year for Solin is the Feast of Virgin Mary, celebrated on 9 September every year.  

The gastronomic offer of Solin is rich. Because of the proximity of the sea and the river that pass through the place in Solin you can enjoy the most delicious river and seafood, quality local wines, game, meat and numerous local delicacies. Solin's caterers are preparing meals based on for hundreds of years old recipes! Be a part of the famous history and visit Solin! Book a luxurious villa on time and enjoy all the charms of summer!