Summer vibes, vitamins see and luxury villa. Book your Tribunj's state of mind!

With the summer holidays in Croatia, you can not go wrong. Each part of this beautiful country is unique, but during the hot summer days all the attention goes to the south, crystal clear sea, lavender aromas and pines forests. If you have not yet come to visit Croatia, do that this summer! Visiting Dalmatia must be very high on your must-do list. And when you are already in Dalmatia, we recommend a charming destination - Tribunj, a picturesque Dalmatian place near Šibenik.

Why Tribunj? Let's start from the accommodation. What do you say about a luxurious and modernly equipped villa with a private pool and a perfect view? Don't say anything! Book that beachfront vila now! And when such accommodation is located in a picturesque village where you will have a quiet vacation without being crowded, and in a same time being close to all summer events and advanced destinations then booking such accommodation is a logical sequence. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of the Mediterranean: sun, clear sea, excellent food and nightlife. Tribunj is situated on a great location and after short drive you can be in bigger centers such as Vodice, Sibenik, Primosten, Rogoznica or Split! Tribunj has a special charm! Place is ideal for family vacations, romance and artists looking for inspiration. Its compact houses and paved narrow streets are real image of Dalmatia. The history of the place dates back to the 15th century, when the small part of the settlement was formed on the small islet, which was later connected with the land by the bridge. Opposite to that old half-hearted nucleus, opens a spectacular view on Lukovnjak and Logorun, two islands of the Tribunj archipelago and Prišnjak and Sovljak, the islands situated westward in the direction of Sovlje settlement.

For centuries Tribunj has been famous for its fisheries and olive groves, so you can enjoy a walk through the centuries-old olive groves and try the best fish specialties. There are several famous Dalmatian taverns and restaurants in Tribunj where you will try excellent prosciutto, cheese, homemade meat and vegetables from the Tribune fields. Beautiful church of St. Peter. Nicholas is located on a hill from which you will enjoy great view. Remains of the defensive wall that have been defended Tribunj in the past from  Turks are still visible in the place. Apart from its picturesque and glorious history, Tribunj has a wonderful nature. Tribunj's beaches are ideal escape from overcrowded city beaches, and swimming is most popular on the Bristak and Zamalin beaches. In the summer, Tribunj is a very lively and happy place, so be sure to visit two main events: the Fisherman's Festival and the Traditional donkey race.

If you would like to get to know this noble and for Dalmatians sacred animal, visit the donkey reserve on the island of Logoron, opposite to Tribunj. We also recommend a tour around the place, on foot or by a bicycle. The Tribune area has become paradis for cyclists with numerous cycling trails through a picturesque Mediterranean landscape. You should definitely spend the morning in the small fishing harbor where local fishermen will sell a catch from night fishing. Not only you will you go home with fresh fish, but you will feel the true smell of the sea and hear some of the exciting fishing stories. The geographic position of the place is ideal for day trips, so you can also visit two nearby national parks: NP Kornati or NP Krka. Tribunj is a place that keeps the tradition! So, combination of tradition and luxury in a perfect natural environment is a recipe for an ideal vacation! See you in Tribunj!