The season where the best feeling ever - to light a fire in the fireplace, is upon us. 

And what a season it could be – with all that fresh air and changing colours in nature, and light wind rustling in the trees outside the windows of your luxury villa. Picture yourself a cosy winter evening, surrounded by all the luxury imaginable. All that is missing is the fire crackling in the fireplace, a symbol of safety, warmness, and home. Fire in the fireplace will create a feeling of home in the crisp winter evenings. There are no quite harsh winters in Croatia in general, and in Dalmatia even less so. Winters are mild and with just the right amount of snow, in certain areas of course. Parts of Croatia have snowy winters made for all the winter joys. The coast some days has some pretty strong winds and that is that, fairly mild winters characterize this region.

Luxury villa properties in Croatia that have fireplaces are the best options for your winter vacation. Some of them have it for aesthetical reasons, even though fully functional. The main thing about the fireplace is that it needs to fit in the overall interior design. The best way to achieve that is in a villa which is a renovated stone house turned into a holiday home. In that way, the old original fireplace will remain and the homey feeling of the old days will remain. The house with an old soul is something that you must experience. But even the contemporary designed houses made their fireplaces the most distinguishable spot in the villa, so surely it would be a waste not to set up a nice fire.

In Croatia, you can find luxury villas that have it all – everything you can imagine or desire. A large property and a fully modern equipped home, with a heated pool and bedrooms with beautiful views. A luxury modern villa that you can rent for your best holiday ever can be situated on the waterfront and even have its own private beach. A villa with a sea view is all that one can desire. But you must dare to desire the best for yourself. To have it all. Your privacy is always guaranteed in a holiday villa and the fireplace is always a nice and luxurious addition that makes any home special. A luxury villa will be your home away from home all the while you are on your holiday so make it as cosy and as comfortable as possible.

If you do choose postseason or even the middle of the winter for your vacation you will indeed enjoy complete peace. If you decide to spend a holiday in one of the luxury villas in Croatia, there will be no greater joy for you and your loved ones than when you hang Christmas stockings over the mantel. Imagine a most comfortable vacation ever in a luxury villa, with a magnificent sea view and a heated pool – only thing missing would be a nice fireplace to keep you warm. Are you dreaming about cosying up on a comfortable couch in a fluffy blanket in front of the open fire? We do not believe there is a better way to spend a vacation during the cold winter days.