Discover natural beauty and magnificent luxury villas for rent in Croatia, a one of a kind place to make your vacation unforgettable. 

Istria will surprise you with its selection of villas on the hills overlooking vineyards and olive groves. What this part of Croatia, a jewel in its crown, has in store for you, you won’t find easily anywhere else. There are luxury villas that are so secluded you will have a feeling you are spending vacation in a world on its own. Beautifully built contemporary villas filled with luxury or refurbished old houses made into exquisite retreats with pools, will most definitely leave you wondering why you didn’t make Istria your destination before. After spending holiday in a villa, you will never be the same, as Istria will enchant you completely. Some parts of Istria feel a look as they haven’t been discovered by people before, and a summer spent in a villa in Istria will spoil you for others for good. But Istria doesn’t only have beautiful meadows and hills, but also has a huge and magnificent coastline, with luxury villas in abundance. Waking up to the sounds of the waves will never be the same.

Breath-taking Kvarner bay with is large islands will give you a unique experience and most extraordinary views. All imaginable luxury in a villa will make your holiday on the Adriatic coast one of a kind. The villas here are each special in its own way and so is the atmosphere of Kvarner, as it doesn’t only have great hills and sea views but a selection of villas for everyone’s preference. Imagine yourself basking in the pool of a villa or simply lounging on a deck chair under the canopy. After the “hard” day of relaxing and swimming in the pool you could enjoy local specialities made by your own hand on a grill or in a modern equipped kitchen.

A holiday in a perfect luxury villa on one of the islands or on the Kvarner coast is just the thing you will need. You will forget all your daily worries under the Kvarner sun.

Dalmatia is a place where you can have a vacation filled with relaxation and utmost luxury.

Book a luxurious and comfortable villa for you and your family and friends and you will wish you can stay in Dalmatia forever. Croatia is not a big country, but it has a big heart, and Dalmatia is its centre. Adriatic Sea and glorious mountains overlooking the islands and the coast will make you fall in love with the area. But what will make you want your vacation never ends is the selection of luxury villas Dalmatia has. Villas on islands, villas few meters from the sea, on a top of a olive trees covered hill, or a most luxurious villa in the centre of the town, Dalmatian villas have everything you have ever desired, and more.

But Dubrovnik is a sight to be seen and a place you must visit, most definitely on everybody’s must-visit list, Dubrovnik is unforgettable. It will mesmerise you with its history, old stone walls, steps and narrow alleys. It will enchant you with waves crashing down on the edge of the city, island almost to hands reach and delectable selection of food. But it will most definitely sweep you of your feet with its selection of luxury villas which will make your vacation in Croatia an unrepeatable experience.