The old town of Dubrovnik is known far and wide, and if you want to know why rent a luxury villa here, enjoy your vacation and you will soon find out. 

For sure there is a number of things interesting in Croatia and especially on Adriatic but most probably the greatest town you will ever see is the Old town of Dubrovnik. With a long history, it endured through centuries and it is always exciting to everyone that visits.

There are a lot of things written and said about Dubrovnik and the main thing that continues to be an epithet for this living city monument is that it has a specific kind of soul.

Surely you will feel the atmosphere when you visit this perfect town in which you will spend an unforgettable vacation with friends and families. Visit here and Dubrovnik will give you memories to last you a lifetime.

Nevertheless, what is most prominent in the old town of Dubrovnik are its wall surrounding the town, with locals with a specific kind of lilt to their voice and a specific kind of love and instinct for preservation over their town.

But in the last few years made itself known all over the world and the townspeople take pride that Dubrovnik is recognized all around for its beauty, history, and uniqueness. But Old town is not only that. It is a great and magnificent location to rent a special kind of luxury villas, ones you won’t find easily anywhere else.

Just to pique your curiosity about the excellent selection of the magnificent villas Dubrovnik and the region have to offer we will mention some of the things these accommodations have that raise them above all others.

Luxury villas are a superb kind of accommodation with all the amenities you will ever wish for, and the holiday houses are also really great architectural achievements.

If you decide to travel to Dubrovnik make sure to soak up all the surrounding area as it is truly a great sight to be seen, untouched nature and crystal blue sea dominating all.

The great thing about Mediterranean villas is that they are often renovated old houses made into holiday homes and grand villas. A wonderful way to experience all the luxury a big estate can offer, with a house with all the modern equipment and furnishings but with an old-style feel and look to it. Also, it happens that privacy here is guaranteed as some of them are surrounded by walls so the feeling of seclusion and serenity inside these walls will be complete. And with your own private outdoor heated pool, your luxurious vacation will be just pure heaven.

Nothing can surpass this, just the fact that you are spending your vacation near Dubrovnik, one of the greatest towns ever.

Imagine spending a vacation in a luxury villa overlooking the Adriatic sea that is sitting on a plot of land so vast that you can enjoy your own private garden to pick fruits and vegetable from, or have fun on your own private playground with your friends and family over a game of football or whatever else you like.

Bedrooms in these villas are also luxurious, and a splendid way to fall to a relaxing sleep and wake up in the morning with the sun peeking through your window. Summer mornings in Dubrovnik are incomparable to anything.

Even modern villas set in the rustic old environment will leave you stunned as wherever you go and whatever you do, you will feel enchanting Dubrovnik all around you.