A beautiful view of a sunset from your luxury villa’s terrace is all you could ever wish for. 

There are not a lot of things left to be desired when having a family vacation in one of the many luxury villas in Croatia. Rest assured all the best things accommodation can have, awaits you here. The most private and secluded locations on one of the islands of the Adriatic coast or a luxurious inland villa, they offer you the same - all that you have ever wanted. If it is not close to the sea it will probably have a beautiful outdoor heated pool surrounded by a wonderfully maintained garden. If you want to be close to the town or even as far away from city lights as possible, the choice is yours.

Several things all great villas have in common are their fabulous furnishings and interior designs that paid attention to every possible detail. And we might also add wonderful sunset views. It is not difficult to picture most extraordinary sunsets you will ever experience as sunsets in Croatia are quite special events. Wherever you may be in Croatia while having your best holiday ever, you will never forget the sun coming down on the horizon. The sun setting on the horizon is a very changeable event – there will never be two sunsets alike. You can choose your place to observe the sunset, but we recommend that you pick your villa’s terrace as your spot. Make your spot comfortable and make it your own private sanctuary and just enjoy the moment.

Take a moment for yourself, observe your surroundings, listen to the wind, and changes in the air and temperature. Even if you are not an outdoor type of person, nature is said to be the best remedy for everything. So, lay back in your chair, cover yourself with a warm blanket, and with a cup of homemade tea or a glass of wine absorb all the good things around you.

Shorter winter days and varying of the sunset’s periods will make every sunset worth your while. Sun setting behind the islands of the Croatian Adriatic is probably the most splendid sunset you will ever see, as the weather and the wind play a big role in its perspective. Beautiful are the sunsets over the Croatian hills and fields, the pick is yours as nobody will ever be able to decide the actual place for the most magnificent of sunsets. For that we can easily choose any terrace of a luxury villa in any part of Croatia as a whole. Every luxury villa in Croatia is unique in its own way, but all the villas have one thing in common – their designers paid attention to every little detail. Even the terraces are made to be one of the most prominent places of the villa, to have the best views and to be as inviting as possible.

After the sun sets and all is enclosed in complete tranquillity all you can do is to prepare for the revealing of the stars. To observe them coming to light in the dark sky is a special kind of experience. To see the night sky is illuminated with the light of the stars and the moon is indescribable. Some things you must see and feel for yourself in Croatia, as all its parts are truly and magically unique.