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The Makarska Riviera is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Adriatic. Tourists who had the opportunity to stay there were astonished by the beauty of nature, the crystal clear sea, the hospitality of the host, and the scenery of the lands lying along the coast at the foot of the magnificent Biokovo. The Makarska Riviera extends over 53 kilometers of coastline from Brela to the north to Gradac in the south. Every place is a story for itself and wherever you go, your vacation will be unforgettable. Nevertheless, the biggest place is the town of Makarska, known for its rich heritage, diverse nightlife, clean sea and beautiful beaches. In Makarska come tourists who want fun, love nature, but also those who are looking for best place for family vacations. The offer of accommodation in Makarska is diverse, but the best option is accommodation in luxurious villas. If you are booking such accommodation, expect the greatest possible comfort and privacy you can imagine.

There will be a private heated swimming pool, modernly equipped interior with spacious rooms, a kitchen, a living room and an outdoor terrace. You will find yourself in a perfect natural environment at the foot of the magnificent Biokovo mountain and overlooking the beautiful Makarska Riviera. Imagine yourself drinking best wine and eating local specialties on the spacious terrace, enjoying the natural sandy beaches that offer plenty of facilities for you and your family. Sandy and pebble beach is about 2 km long and is a recognizable symbol of Makarska.

Visit St. Peter, the peninsula of love where you can lock your love for all time. Makarska is ideal for active tourism. There is a sports center with football, rugby, basketball, handball, tennis and athletics playground. Tennis Center Makarska has 9 outdoor tennis courts and two indoor tennis courts. You can also enjoy extreme sports: paragliding, rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, trekking or exploring the caves. There are also clubs for rowing, sailing and fishing. There are also plenty of cycling trails. Dive into incredible underwater world. Discover rich flora and fauna, submerged boats thanks to the extraordinary cleanliness of the sea with visibility up to 50 meters. Makarska is an ideal destination for hikers as it is located at the foot of the beautiful mountain Biokovo, which you must visit.

At only 30 km from Makarska you can enjoy rafting on one of the most beautiful Croatian rivers - Cetina. In Makarska and its surroundings you can enjoy the tour of numerous historical sites dating back to Roman times and the Middle Ages. Visit the unique Malachological Museum where you can see over 3,000 different shellfish species from the Adriatic and other world seas. Enjoy delicious local delicacies in a variety of taverns and restaurants and definitely try the traditional cake maket made with the original recipe - the Makarana cake.

In the evening Makarska floods numerous guests and the streets are full of walkers. On Starčević Square, various manifestations and cultural and entertaining programs are held almost daily. In many cafes, disco bars and clubs, there is a program for all tastes. By ferry Makarska is connected with the island of Brac, and during the summer months by catamaran line and numerous excursion boats also with other islands and towns. Everyone who visits Makarska once will certainly come back again. I think we have listed enough reasons why you should visit this unique Mediterranean area.