Charming and serene Istria is a great choice for a luxury villa getaway vacation that will fill all your senses.  

There are a lot of things that can make your vacation in a luxury villa special, but the ones of the utmost importance are its location and the luxury it provides. Istria is incomparable as it will fulfil all your needs and desires. Istria is “the place” for a luxury holiday with magical backdrops. When you step foot in Istria one will be clear – you have come to a very different place, one that is magical in every way. If you rent a luxury villa and deicide to test this theory, the feeling will follow you wherever you go and all the above will be confirmed. Istria has nature and sights that you will rarely experience somewhere else and a magnificent selection of luxury villas each of them special in their own way. We would say “seek no further” but will also make sure that our theory is confirmed.

Romantic nature and beautiful old towns rich with culture, history and abundance of unique local delicacies will for sure be a good reason to visit this beautiful peninsula, the most prominent place of the Adriatic. Every part has a different vista and that is a unique trait on its own. Be as it may your villa will be enclosed in beauty and nature wherever you choose to stay, as Istria has magnificent olive groves and vineyards with everlasting hills overlooking the valleys. One of the traits of Istria that it is commonly divided in two parts depending of the nature that emphasises the area, as it’s a peninsula on the coast that makes this division truly surreal. Green Istria in the inland region with an excellent choice of luxury villas with a pool and glorious nature, hills and valleys, little towns on top of the hills, vineyards, olive trees, culture, history and great food.

Blue Istria with extraordinary sunsets and sights is, as the name says, the part of the peninsula along the coast, a gem of turquoise beautiful sea with old monuments that are almost old as the time itself.

You name it, Istria has it. 

Istria with its two colours is a perfect, perfect place of truest hedonism and utter enjoyment and renting a spacious villa for your family and friends would be an unbeatable choice.

Imagine yourself sunbathing by the pool in a modern designed villa with all luxury possible or even doing the same in a renovated stone house turned to a holiday home with all the most desired amenities. All the smells of lavender and wheat fields are almost palpable here, birds are lazily chirping in the olive trees. What more one could need than taking in the peace around you with a glass of local wine in hand while overlooking all the unparalleled views that Istria can offer. 

A crown jewel of Adriatic, Istria has the most beautiful towns as rich in history as it is in culture. One of the most known is Pula, a beautiful and picturesque with its streets and old stone houses and well as the roman Colosseum, a monument that is withholding the time.

Rest assured that Istria is a place for a vacation filled with luxury and self-indulgence as the food here is so great that deserves and ode or two of its own to be sung.