Istria is not just Poreč and Rovinj, choose the eastern coast for your next holiday and rent a villa in Labin or Rabac to discover more.

Eastern coast of Istria usually gains less attention than the west part of the peninsula where well known towns of Poreč, Rovinj and Umag are located but it is no less attractive and interesting for a visit. The centre of this east part is town of Labin which is not located directly on the coast but it is connected with it through the small coastal town of Rabac which is only 3 km away. And if you want to explore the hidden gems of the inner part of Istria and have a pleasant and relaxing vacation, then Labin and its surrounding area may be a good place to start.

Like many other small towns in the inland, Labin developed as a medieval town on a high ground with excellent view of the inland and the sea, and hard to seize.  The history of the place goes way back than Medieval times – it was populated at least 2000 years BC, and in 177 the Romans gained power over the place. Moreover, they even had their own republic for a while. The old town later started to merge with the villages at its foothills which today are part of the town.

While the past times saw Labin and Raša area oriented more towards the mining industry and agriculture, today things have changed. Tourism is becoming an important part of economic development of the area and the accommodation offer, once reserved for Rabac and other coastal places, has bloomed both in Labin and small villages nearby. Since this region has a high number of high quality holiday properties, an Istrian villa has become a standard for luxury and dream vacation – and villas in Labin are no exception to that rule.

If you then plan your trip to the eastern Istrian coast and decide to stay at this peaceful area, rest assured that you will find accommodation that will suit you perfectly, whether it is a pet friendly villa with pool and private parking on a peaceful location or a charming apartment in an old stone house in the old town of Labin, with panoramic views of Kvarner and island of Cres spreading from your window.

Once you're there, you can engage in several activities: enjoy the narrow stone streets of Labin, its picturesque buildings and mining heritage, explore the villages, vineyards and medieval towns in the east part of Istria that offer excellent restaurants with dishes prepared from home-grown food, swim in the blue Adriatic sea and soak up the sun on the most beautiful beaches. You can also visit beautiful Učka National Park, situated a bit north from Labin, meet its diverse flora and fauna and participate in hiking or cycling activities.

What is certain is that staying in Labin and its surroundings will provide you with a fresh experience of holidays in Istria and an opportunity to discover all the attractions of this growing tourist destination while at the same time you will have a relaxing holiday. We hope that this post will not serve only as an introduction to Labin and its area, but as an invitation to come there for your next summer holiday and experience it yourself.