Romantic and unique – an ideal place to feel all the love and to experience ancient history that still lives through this place.  

Do you know that every small town has its own unique charm and stories to tell? 

The oldest Croatian royal town of Nin is no different than any other from the outside, but on the inside, it is quite one of a kind. In a small town such as this everyone knows everyone else and is always ready to help each other. The joke among local people is not to dig too deep in your garden – as you never know what kind of artifact you might find.

But there are some of the things you must do while you are here, and we hope that these activities will fulfil your perfect vacation.

A day of leisure in the lagoon – sand and the sea, as far as the eye can see

It is not for nothing that the port of Nin and its lagoon is frequently mentioned as one of the most beautiful beaches there are. Shallow waters and sandy beaches are a great place to have the most wonderful vacation, as these beaches are as if made for the most fun family vacation. The lagoon changed its shape throughout the years and with the help of some smart landscaping, today the beaches surrounding the town are the best spot for you to enjoy. Most known is the Queen's beach, perfectly maintained with a lot of activities to offer. One of the unique things about this beautiful beach is Peloid, medicinal mud – perfect for all kind of health problems and known far and wide for its healing properties. Great way to combine comfort with useful, as the locals would say.

All roads lead to – ah, well back again

The debate is still ongoing – is Nin an island or a peninsula. A long time ago it was a peninsula, made into an island but again made into a peninsula. Sound a bit complicated but it is not. Even though the locals will always say they live on the island or outside of it. But either way, the simplest way to know a town and the way around is to take a simple walk. But in Nin, nothing is quite simple. Wherever you go in Nin there is some historical monument or a mosaic floor. One would think there is not much to do or to see in town with no more than 1200 people, but in Nin, this is most definitely not true. Just the walls surrounding the town are the most magnificent sight to be seen. Nin today has two bridges, fully renovated as they were devastated in a catastrophic flood. Or three if we are correct, as the wooden bridge was made for easier crossing while the renovations were in progress. Either way, the main town gates as well as the bridges make for a memorable sight.

Churches, walls, and stones everywhere – for a history buff, Nin is a paradise on Earth

The fact is that Nin is the oldest and the first royal town in Croatia aside, as Nin is also some 3000 years old. Can you even imagine what amount of history is accumulated here? The stories of people from the days gone by are forever etched in every stone and every corner of the town. Even though the town was renovated over the years, you can always visit the local museums to find out the origins of this area.

Nin is home to the World’s smallest cathedral and the remains of the Roman temple as well as the Baptismal Font of first Croatian Duke Višeslav.

But one of the unique things Nin has is a rare artifact of a Condura Croatica. One of the small but deadly wooden warships, some 8m long fast rowing boats which were the King’s fleet. Remains of the boat are on display in the town’s museum and the replica of Condura is displayed by the town's lower bridge.

Love is the air

An interesting story is one about how this historical town made it on the list of the European most romantic destination. As today Nin is also a top tourist destination, a small and quiet town with wonderful beaches and superb accommodations. From private apartments to luxury villas - the choices are endless. The town of Nin is a part of EDEN and EWT– European Destination of Excellence and European Walled Towns Association and that makes it even more special. But also, the rich history and the excellent selection of activities make Nin a place you must visit. An evening stroll by the seashore with a gentle cool breeze is blowing should be on your bucket list. Love can be found in the most unusual places and once you walk through Nin you will fall in love with it, for sure.

The poet in the park

The first Croatian novel was written by Petar Zoranić who was born in Nin. This is not just a small history footnote as there is a big historical value of this fact, for the town of Nin and the whole Croatia as well. To commemorate the 500 years of birth of the famous poet, the town of Nin made a memorial park. Beautifully maintained park is and, an excellent spot for a relaxing walk or contemplation on one of the benches. Peace and tranquillity are just one of the things you will find in Nin - as this town brimming with history is a great place to have the most peaceful yet perfect vacation ever.