With tourism being more and more important part of economy in Croatia, it is no wonder that many people, who used to work in other, unrelated industries, have decided to try their luck in rental business and let their homes or family properties in villages they no longer live in. Many families, who own homes in the country, have decided to turn them into an income source and started renting them to the guests and as a result, each year more and more old cottages and farmhouses are being turned into vacation rentals.

Homeowners invest heavily into the refurbishment of their properties, the result of which are beautiful luxury villas that make ideal holiday homes. Such decision includes furnishing one's property to suit the visitors' needs and include all amenities and facilities that make a luxury house. But apart from those features such as swimming pool, Jacuzzi, or a private gym, what also makes a luxury accommodation appealing to guests is its genuine country architecture and recognisable furnishing details. Details in interior design or garden architecture can make a huge difference and give the rental property its recognizable character. Property owners in Croatia are aware of that and many of them are investing into carefully furnishing their houses, choosing decoration, collaborating with interior designers and architects to create a holiday home that will attract travellers who wish to spend their vacation in a really special place.

When talking about the pioneering region, Istria is the one in Croatia where we could say it all started, with many old farmhouses situated in the vineyards among the green slopes (and a lot of them being abandoned as people went to bigger towns in search for work) that their owners decided to refurbish into a perfect holiday home and a new way of earning for living. Those old houses are really a class of its own, situated in picturesque villages, ideal for a romantic getaway and comfortable vacation.

Dalmatia and Dubrovnik are also following trends and widening their offer of holiday villas. In central Dalmatia, for instance, for many years population of small places in its hinterland has been shrinking, but lately, people have become aware of the potential of their property as well as of their region, as small authentic Mediterranean villages make great and appealing travel destinations with their scenery and unspoiled nature. Old stone houses and cottages have been refurbished into villas with pools, without losing their identity and original appearance. Many new houses are also being built, but in accordance with the local tradition and materials, so the visitor can experience perfect holiday in an authentic (although new) accommodation. These holiday homes may not be beachfront properties, but are well connected through highway with coast so other interesting destinations such as national parks can be reached fast and easy.

Adriatic islands also have such accommodation that is both authentic and modern, with many holiday villas located in villages situated in the upper part of the hills, offering incredible views of the sea and island archipelago, its bays and islets. They are great for travellers who wish to explore Croatia and its parts that are not the centres of tourism, and still enjoy the summer in comfortable villas with pools, whilst experiencing the quiet and genuine life of small places and gain unique travel experience.

Therefore, finding a holiday home in Croatia is not an easy task as there are many properties to choose from, but with homeowners investing more of their time and money into creating a valuable and genuine rental property, quality of accommodation and satisfactions of guests are guaranteed.