Holiday houses and luxury villas in Dubrovnik are extraordinary and will overwhelm you over and over again. 

Who didn’t hear of Dubrovnik or seen even one of its beautiful sights in movies, series, and news? All that is seen is even more beautiful and monumental in person, as the town is itself.

Dubrovnik’s history is a long tale to tell and modern times have left this town untouched in its glory. Dubrovnik has a soul that no town has and never will. It is made out of true pride and glorious history and it is a living monument to survival in grace.

There are several sights and places to visit in Dubrovnik during your holiday and one of these a beautiful luxury villas in the area. Some of them are modern built villas but some of them are old renovated houses that haven’t lost any of their natural charms.

But let us mention some of the sights worth visiting in Dubrovnik, and one of the most important and known are Walls of Dubrovnik. The Old town of Dubrovnik is completely surrounded by defense walls and forts, now available for a walking tour. And the tour is a thing not to be missed when in the Old town because there is no wall like the one you will experience here, a 1940m long walk with sights beyond this world. At some points, 25 meters high the Wall was built in the 14th century and its history and the significance it will surely leave you in awe.

Dubrovnik offers a lot of sights and curiosities as a town this rich in history often does.

One of them is Rector’s Palace and it was as the name says a seat of the Rector of the Republic of Ragusa some centuries ago. Built originally in Gothic style the palace is a must-see building as it is a living testament to the days of old.

One of the prominent local sights of Dubrovnik is Revelin fortress which is an unmistakable monument to the strength of this town. Trough centuries the fortress was almost untouched by natural changes and many disasters. Today it serves as a cultural center, as its terrace on the top is a stage used in events for Dubrovnik Summer Festival. Inside the fortress is a night club, an interesting fact on its own and a well know destination for techno and rave, party enthusiasts.

Modern-day Dubrovnik got its own bridge, making the entrance and the travel to the Old town easier and more accessible. It is also a wonderful sight to be seen, as this cable bridge is also a monument to modern architecture and construction. From the bridge the vista is breath-taking and below you have a perfect view of Rijeka Dubrovačka and Port of Gruž, as well as a hint of the great selection of accommodation in the area.

There are a lot of people who have Dubrovnik on their list of to-do things for many reasons. Whichever yours may be, make sure you experience the Old town to the fullest because this is a city you won't find anywhere else in the World.