Spend summer vacation on Long Island in Sali and experience the surreal moments surrounded by unspoiled nature and crystal clear sea. 

Long Island, one of the most beautiful islands in the Adriatic, two hour drive by ferry from Zadar, will delight on first sight. There, like time had stopped. You will find yourself in slow motion, with beautiful scenes of unreal beautiful nature, clean air, quiet and perfect sea. Long Island is a hidden oasis for those who expect pure hedonism of summer. In Sali, the largest settlement on island, famous for its thousand years of fishing activities and agriculture, you will find pure peace. This means that you will be able to enjoy exquisite gastronomical delicacies prepared according to old recipes made of local products. Although ther isn't large infrastructure, magnificent buildings, you will have a loto of things to see and do. Unspoiled nature offers a completely different experience. Forget the traffic jams, noise, loud music and stress. Enjoy the scents of the Mediterranean sun, swimming and slow lifestyle. At first glance seems that you are on the island without civilization and content, but quickly will  be convinced in opposite. 

Sali is the ideal place for lovers of active tourism. Cycling, diving, kayaking, hiking, sailing, fishing are some of the activities that you can engage. On the island grow "olive forest" over 700 years old olive trees planted by Greeks.  The town got its name because of the salt that was produced here in the Middle Ages. The place is located near the Kornati National Park and Nature Park Telašćica whose beauty will delight you. When you get there, you will feel like you are dreaming. The whole island is unreal, wild, beautiful, heavenly place. Sali is located in the middle of that paradise, surrounded by hills, karst fields, bays, capes and little islands. The beaches are mostly rocky, but the northern part of the island has a beautiful sandy beach Saharun which is listed among the most beautiful beaches of the world. The white sand and turquoise blue sea. It is about 800 meters and 250 meters from the shore the depth is 3.5 meters, which makes it ideal for small children. Can you ask for more? 

On Long Island you can see the largest lighthouse in the Adriatic, tall 42. There is also a beautiful beach of natural white pebbles. The island has a total of 12 places in which lives only 1500 people. Perhaps that seems a little, but trust us, you will have fun and enjoy every stepo f the way. And most important is that you will have a great time in your private holiday villa, located in this unreal natural environment, modernly equipped, with a spacious interior, rooms, bathrooms, private parking, garden, terrace, private pool, situated close to the sea. After a whole day on the beautiful natural beaches, the day you can end up with a glass of wine, swimming in the private pool, watching the sunset and enjoying the peace that surrounds you. Long Island is the place for those with adventurous spirit, romantic, nature lovers and those who are seeking real luxurious accommodation! Enjoy the peace, quiet and luxury! Enjoy Long Island experience!