Explore beautiful beaches of Istria and its hidden bays for a vacation that takes your breath away. 

Crystal blue water, light summer breeze, sun shining above you as you lay relaxed underneath the shade of your umbrella. What more do you need? For this scene to be located on a beach in Istria!

What does Istria, Croatian biggest peninsula have, except glorious countryside and magnificent vineyards and numerous beautiful things we could list endlessly? Istria has beautiful beaches everywhere you go, as its natural shape gives it an excellent way to show all of its glory.

Coast of Istria is 539km long, and can you just imagine how many hidden gems it has.

Imagine exploring all the small bays and coves, islands and islets with all of the kind of beaches you can possibly want. Sandy beaches here have the finest sand you will ever find, made naturally for utter enjoyment of just relaxing or making sandcastles. Sandy beaches just call for romantic walks at sunset while leaving your barefoot steps in the wet sand.

Highly maintained, Istrian beaches are clean and tidy, and the sea is perfectly clean and clear.

Unsurpassed in every way, these beaches will have you spend most of your vacation time here as they are a perfect spot for fun activities with friends. Lounging on a beach chair under the shade of an umbrella sipping cocktails is a most surely a recipe for a wonderful vacation. Some of the beaches have the most fun activities for kids and adults if they are inclined. You can enjoy surfing, kayaking and exploring the coastline. Also, there is always a great selection of sports and games you can play in the shallows and have fun as you never had.

If you are seeking for rich nightlife, there is nothing better than a summer beach bar. There is no better way to feel delighted with the summer atmosphere and the music wearing nothing but your swimsuit, dancing under the moonlight.

But what most of the people love are secluded coves where they can arrive only by boat and enjoy them on their own. Istria has a selection of those bays, some of them so secluded and unknown that only local people know about their locations. Maybe some secrets are better kept hidden and the nature intact, but if you are lucky enough to come across one of these hidden gems, make sure to leave it the way you found it. These small bays have the cleanest water, sea life in abundance so you can even hunt or pick yourself a meal. But to be careful and respectful is expected from anyone that visits, and nature will be grateful to you.

Fun fact is that the Istrian peninsula has 42 Blue flags, proof of the excellence of the beaches. And these 42 flags contain 40% of all the flags that the Croatian coast has. This fact alone is enough to make you want to spend a summer on a beach in Istria right now. Spice up your vacation with picking a perfect location and choose Istria as your next destination, the most beautiful and welcoming part of Croatia.