Unforgettable holiday in Croatia is always possible, and the end of summer can be a great time to visit Istria and enjoy your holiday in villas or apartments.

Temperatures are high this summer, it’s been hot since the beginning of June and high season is at its peak in Istria and other parts of Croatian coast. Beaches are crowded and tourist destinations full of people. Of course, this time of year is the most popular one for summer holidays but if you tend to like little less populated areas and want to enjoy beach that is not so crowded, then coming to Istria in September for summer holiday might be a good idea.

September, for some, is the best part of the summer – the end is slowly approaching but the sea temperature is optimal and warm, and the air is not so hot anymore, which is ideal for swimming and sunbathing. The number of tourists in Istria slowly decreases so even the most popular places are not that crowded anymore, but are still very much lively and full of interesting events. Days may be a little shorter but fun is guaranteed.

It is also a great time to visit cultural and historic sites on the Istrian peninsula, see its central part and get to know some small picturesque village or a medieval town, the basis of Istrian countryside life. All the restaurants, bars and galleries are still open so if you decide to travel to Istria during the late summer you will still be able to visit all the places you wish to and enjoy the hospitality of friendly and helpful local people. If you stick to the coast, then beautiful beaches will be waiting for you to enjoy crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea.

Accommodation offer is as great as usually and often there are special offers for vacation rental in September, especially in the second half of the month and in October as well. Depending on your wishes, you can find accommodation that will suit your needs and enable you to have a perfect holiday, and villas in Istria are truly the best for relaxation and enjoyment. Whether you wish to spend a quiet holiday with your family or enjoy yourself with your best friends, there is plenty to choose from. There are villas that are located near bigger towns, such as rentals near Pula or Rovinj, but there are also villas located in the inland, in small villages on hilltops or amid forest slopes and meadows.

Villas in Istria are known for their luxury and comfort. They usually come with a swimming pool, air-condition goes without saying and location, even when it is in bigger places, is always peaceful and allows you to relax completely. The owners will not disturb you during your stay but are always at your disposal upon your contact. There are many waterfront rentals, and it is always attractive to be as near to the sea as possible, but villas in the countryside also have their charm and appeal and since they always have a pool, a quick dip in the water is possible without having to leave the property

So, there you have it: nice comfortable air temperature, perfect sea, availability of all facilities and sites and last but not least, great accommodation offer of villas and apartments at affordable prices. Enough to make you think twice if you never considered going on holiday at the end of summer.