Your holiday in Istria region is not complete if you don't visit Rovinj, Croatia's famous tourist destination.

Rovinj, together with Poreč, is one of the most popular tourist destinations not just in Istria region but in Croatia as well. It is located on a peninsula and its surrounding area, creating a breath-taking scenery – narrow stone streets run down the slopes towards the sea, while beautiful St. Euphemia church sits on the hilltop providing its visitors with a remarkable view of Rovinj and its archipelago that consists of 22 islands and islets. This great location makes Rovinj instantly recognizable and attractive.

Rovinj, however, takes its leading role in tourism very seriously, avoiding to offer its visitors just natural beauties and stunning views – Rovinj is a town of many opportunities for an interesting and diverse holiday, whether you wish to enjoy the charm of its many art galleries or have a swim at one of its beautiful beaches. And the main events happen throughout the year so the summer months are not the only time of year when one might find it the best to visit it. For instance, each year at the end of September Weekend Media Festival is held, a conference event that hosts experts in the field of communication industry and business from around the world, which is a great chance to learn something new and have fun in Rovinj.

As the rest of Istria, Rovinj is a great place to explore the culinary art of local chefs. There are many excellent restaurants in the town and in villages around it that prepare tasty dishes and offer superb quality wines that will satisfy everyone's tastes. Many of them use home grown food of local farmers and both follow traditional recipes and engage in discovering new aromas and ways of cooking to provide their guests with wonderful dishes. Rovinj is also very attractive for artists – it has numerous art galleries that are located along its narrow picturesque stone streets and each year there are many exhibitions where the works of both Croatian and foreign contemporary artists can be bought.

Accommodation offer is another thing that sets Rovinj as an example in tourism. Rentals in Rovinj include all sorts of properties. There are boutique hotels near the beach, then bigger ones with wellness offer, charming apartments in the old town center, luxury villas with swimming pool with all possible amenities located not just in Rovinj but in the peaceful villages around it where you can enjoy peace and quiet - and beautiful surrounding nature as well. And with many apartments and villas in Rovinj located near the sea, you can be just a few steps away from beautiful beaches and still close enough to town center to pop in for a coffee or a delicious lunch.

While the entire Istria is a beautiful region that is worth a visit, Rovinj is definitely a must-see place, where traditional way of life and modern way of thinking meet creating a special atmosphere for the local people and the guests as well. So whether you choose to pay it a one day visit or rent a villa or a hotel room in Rovinj, you will most certainly have a wonderful holiday and enjoy yourself.