Choosing Zadar for your holiday would be an excellent decision, and we will give you several reasons why.

Dalmatia is a big region in Croatia, and the centre of its northern part is Zadar. This beautiful town, with its old part situated on a long peninsula, is the fifth biggest town in Croatia and economic and administrative centre of North Dalmatia.

It was founded by Romans and served as a place for retirement of their soldiers. During Medieval period and later Zadar developed into the centre of Dalmatia and it held that position until mid 20th century. Today , Zadar is a vibrant Mediterranean town and one of the leading tourist destinations in Croatia. In 2016 Zadar was awarded with the title of Best European Destination, and the competition included tourist giants such as Athens, Prague, Barcelona and Rome, to name a few.

Its long and interesting history produced numerous monuments and interesting sites in the old center: there are remains of Roman forum with a column that still stands today and which was used in Medieval times as a pillar of shame. Right next to the forum remains stands St. Anastasia cathedral, beautiful architectural and sculptural work of Zadar Medieval masters and there are plenty other beautiful churches and buildings scattered all over the peninsula. Fortified city walls with gates that surround it are part of the UNESCO protected World Heritage sites list. Old narrow streets and charming squares create a buzzing network filled with small bars and restaurants that offer both traditional and modern cuisine.

But Zadar is also a modern town with two attractions that are a new addition to its sites offer, the unique Sea organ situated on the western end of Zadar's promenade – it's a series of broad steps that lead down to the sea with resonant chambers and tubes hidden beneath them that get filled with the sea water as waves hit the stairs – this process produces different notes and creates unique sound, it's music played by waves. Right next to them The Greeting to the Sun is located, a circular installation made of conduction plates that light up after sunset.

Sightseeing is not the only thing that one can do in Zadar –there are plenty of events that are being held throughout the year, various music and sport events, film festival and theatre plays such as Tuna&sushi festival, Zadar theatre summer, International choir competition and many more so we are sure that everyone will find something that suits their taste.

When it comes to sea fun, Zadar is also a great place – this town has several beaches where you will be able to enjoy sunbathing, swimming and relaxing at a beach bar and they are ideal for escaping summer heat. Crisp clean Adriatic sea will serve as a great refreshment and the best thing about it is that you don't have to go outside the town to enjoy it – even at Zadar Riva, a peninsula promenade, the sea is clean and both tourists and locals like to swim there.

Accommodation in Zadar includes all types: apartments, rooms, studio flats, houses and villas with outdoor pool located in the quiet parts of the town. The only problem is choosing – you can easily find what suits your needs best, whether you want a charming apartment in the old town center or a luxury villa surrounded by trees.

Spending your holidays in Zadar would most certainly pay off – this beautiful town has everything you need for a perfect vacation so why not consider it as your next holiday destination when coming to Croatia.