Croatia – the most beautiful place in the world for a wonderful vacation by the pool in a luxury villa. 

Croatia is not too big of a country by some standards, but it surely has a lot to show so having a vacation in one of the luxury villas with a pool will insure an unforgettable experience. 

There are numerous destinations for you to spend your holiday in Croatia but one of the most favourite are locations near the sea or on the coast, like Dalmatia, Istria and Kvarner. And what a splendid coast Croatia has. With almost thousand islands in many different sizes and shapes, islets and cliffs, and also a great number of secluded coves and big bays. With Istria as the biggest peninsula and Dubrovnik as the world know location, rest assured that your vacation in a luxury villa will completely sweep you of your feet. Croatian mainland is filled with national parks and beautiful mountains as well as the hills and valleys, with a great selection of holiday homes. With most romantic scenery, wonderous historical villages, glorious architecture is one of the most beautiful parts of Europe, as well as in the world.

And that would be only a few things out of myriad of choices that beautiful and diverse Croatia has in store for you. If you add to that magnificent vistas it offers you on every step… well, that would be a holiday beyond any imagination.

For the best possible vacation ever, your aim should be to book accommodation in a spacious luxury villa with a private swimming pool overlooking any of the scenery we have mentioned before. If your aim is true, you will have the best vacation ever.

Imagine yourself basking in the glorious sun cooling your feet in a refreshing pool and sipping cocktails. If not a fan of cocktails, Croatia has a big selection of locally made and award-winning wines and liquors for you to enjoy. If not a fan of just dipping just your feet, imagine lavishness of just floating on your back in the pool looking at the enchanting night sky filled with twinkling stars. Or just taking advantage of the privacy by having a morning invigorating swimming session or just plain fun with your family and friends.

With a lot of different styles and designs of pools in luxury villas, one would think your choice could be quite hard. But the truth is quite the opposite, because once you find your most desired destination the choice will come on its own. The most perfect villa with a magnificent swimming pool, will be waiting for you and when you see it you will immediately know that this would be an unparalleled holiday accommodation.

Somewhat akin to magic, when you first see something and get this feeling of rightfulness, you will hardly wait for the date of your vacation to come closer.

These are the kind of luxuries villas in Croatia have to offer: various, unique and magnificent selection of properties with holiday homes and extraordinary pools, marvellously cultivated gardens and most breath-taking views you will ever encounter. Simply made for vacation that will be remembered and talked about for a very long time.