Whichever corner of the coast you visit people are friendly and the accommodation of luxury villas is quite unsurpassed. 

What is so wonderful about the Croatian coast? Every little thing, actually. To start with the fact that Croatian coastline is a definition of a rugged one with 1.777 km in length, and with all the numerous islands, islets, and rocks in all shapes and sizes, it goes over 6.000 km. Clear blue sea and almost three quarters of the year of sunny days, magnificent beaches… we can make this list endless. The main thing remains the same - the peculiarity of the Croatian coast lays in its diversity. You have never seen a coast such as this, one that has all types of landscape. From pebbled beaches of Istria to never-ending sandy beaches of the Zadar region to 300-meter-high rocks overlooking the shore of Konavle near Dubrovnik. The coast has more than 1240 islands and some of them up to 406km2 in size. Fun fact is that they come in all shapes, some of them even in the shape of a heart or a fish. All sorts of coves and bays add more to the variety by being almost innumerable. To spend a vacation in a region that has more than 2700 sunny hours in one year – well, it seems your next destination is quite unquestionable.

The main specialty of the Croatian coast is tourism in all its forms, from Robison like vacation on an island with no electricity to luxurious villas with private beaches or outdoor heated pools. Whatever is your preference, the beauty of the coast of Croatia will make everyone’s vacation superb. Every part of the coast is special in its way and made to be experienced as a one-of-a-kind vacation you will not find anywhere else.

Towns rich with history such as Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar or Pula, to name just a few, will be a perfect destination for a holiday filled with amazing cultural content. What makes them even more special is their selection of luxury villas in every architectural and design variation you can imagine. These big towns together with the smaller ones are all unique in their own way and each has something different that makes it stand out. Curiosities such as original Egyptian Sphinx, the best-preserved Roman Coliseum, or Sea organ that produces music with the help of the waves and the wind. All the interesting things and sights that distinguish one Coastal town from another will surely be the deciding factor in choosing your next destination.

Croatian coast makes for a perfect traveling destination from Istria, to Kvarner gulf, over the northern and central Dalmatia all the way to the Dubrovnik region. All the beautiful scenery of the coast is most certainly worth your time exploring. This seashore has the most interesting roads for a big adventure, with wonderful views and a lot of turns from the road to the hidden beaches. If you do not have any plan, simply take a pick on the map as every town you visit could be your next great destination for a vacation to remember.

Do not forget to share your experience with others, your family, and your loved ones, and to spread the word of the uniqueness of the Croatian coast to everybody as the magnificence of the this place truly deserves all the praise. And the most perfect luxury villa as created just to your liking, awaits you.